HPLC Workflow: Let’s Get Started

Have dirty samples? Working with molecules that are difficult to separate? Are you tackling a new HPLC application? Finding the right HPLC products and technical support is the first step in optimizing your HPLC workflow and achieving successful separations.

You'll find what you need right here: With tools for sample preparation, ultrapure water, and a complete range of chromatography resins and solvents, MilliporeSigma has solutions for every phase of your HPLC workflow. 

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Sample Preparation

As HPLC becomes faster and more sensitive, sample preparation is also becoming faster and easier to perform. From Millex™ Syringe Filters, available in a range of sizes, to the Samplicity™ vacuum-driven Filtration System for hard-to-filter samples, MilliporeSigma products let you spend more time gathering data and finding answers and less time struggling with sample preparation.


Stationary Phase

From the simplest to the most challenging analyses, MilliporeSigma HPLC Columns deliver clean, reliable, reproducible separations. And they’re backed by a team of experts who stand ready to provide you with technical and application support.


Mobile Phase

Mobile Phases for Optimized Separations
High-performance liquid chromatography requires high-performance solvents. Don't compromise on the mobile phase — use MilliporeSigma Solvents, which meet the highest-quality standards and ensure successful HPLC. And for your integral pure and ultrapure water needs, Millipore Sigma offers a broad range of water purification systems.

Cell to Protein

Prepare, Grow, Purify, Analyze

Discover more with EMD Millipore — convenient, reliable solutions to support your research from preparation to analysis.

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Prepare your cell culture media with sterile filters from EMD Millipore. With innovative filtration devices and more than 50 years of membrane technology expertise, EMD Millipore offers a wide range of options to make each critical step quick, easy and accurate.



Our MultiScreen™ and Millicell™ Plates and Inserts provide maximum user convenience and reliability for cell culture. With them, cell growth, structure and function more closely replicate in vivo conditions. And the Millicell™ EZ SLIDE brings enhanced features and a unique design that helps you spend less time dealing with clumsy devices and more time on your all-important cell culture research.



EMD Millipore supports every step of your sample preparation, from protein extraction and purification to concentration and desalting, offering a wide selection of ultrafiltration devices, magnetic beads and more.



Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blotting is one of the most commonly used techniques in the lab, yet difficulties persist in obtaining consistent, quality results. EMD Millipore has helped scientists publish their Western blots for decades by providing continuous innovation and steadfast technical support.

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Protein Preparation

Why spend your time on arduous sample preparation protocols when you can focus your efforts on exciting experiments? Purify and concentrate your proteins more efficiently, and your next discovery is only a step away.


Transfer Membranes

EMD Millipore offers three different PVDF membranes, each optimized for different protein blotting applications. Or try blotting sandwiches that feature pre-cut sheets of membrane and blotting filter paper.



EMD Millipore Reagents are precisely developed and produced to give you reliable and reproducible results across all your applications.

  • Bløk™: Ready-to-use, chemical-based, protein-free blocker that removes background risk
  • Luminata™: Premixed HRP substrates that offer the right sensitivity at the right price
  • Reblot™: Room-temperature stripping in 15 minutes without the smell