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Get access to over 700,000 laboratory and safety products to support your cannabis production and testing needs from seed to sale. You can also contact our team of specialists to learn about the Cannabis Laboratory and Safety program.

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Find balances and scales, personal protective equipment (PPE), and laboratory equipment and instruments to help you maintain a healthy cannabis crop.

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Find your choice of laboratory equipment, instruments, and supplies for prepping, separating, homogenizing, evaporating, and distilling.

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R&D and QC Testing

Find laboratory supplies to help you explore cannabis’ potential and conduct QC testing to verify that products contain no harmful contaminants.

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Processing and Retail

Find products and brands that support the production and retail efforts of your company as a food and beverage manufacturer.

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2021 Cannabis Brochure

Cannabis Brochure

Find chromatography, monitoring, safety, and weighing products for every step of your cannabis workflow.

Download Cannabis Brochure (PDF, 3.33 MB)

Cannabis Solutions

Cannabis Solutions Buying Guide

Consult this selection of METRO benches, carts, shelving, and more to outfit your cannabis laboratory and operation.

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Botanicals Workflow Flyer

Botanicals Workflow Flyer

Gain a better understanding of how OHAUS products can support your botanicals and cannabis laboratory and workflows.

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Canadian Cannabis Pesticide Mixes and Kits Brochure

Canadian Cannabis Pesticide Mixes and Kits Brochure

Shop SPEX CertiPrep pesticide standards to find the right mix or kit for your cannabis testing.

Download Pesticides Brochure (PDF, 293 KB)

Other Applications

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Methods

Explore reagents and methods for isolation and purification, amplification, transfection, and other molecular biology assays.

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Contamination Control and Controlled Environments

Contamination Control and Controlled Environments

Minimize contamination for your products, facilities, and people.

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Environmental Testing Methods

Environmental Testing Methods

Shop for gas and air testing monitors, water and soil analysis, and other environmental assessments.

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Microbiology Methods

Microbiology Methods

Browse the latest microbiology products for your research and quality testing.

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