Chemistry Classroom

Fisherbrand™ pH Pen

pH measurement is easier than ever with the Fisherbrand™ pH Pen™ – an economical range pocket-size tester designed for on-the-go pH measurements.

Fisher Science Education™ Periodic Table of Elements Poster

Offers a large format and easy-to-use display.

SPECTRONIC™ 200 Spectrophotometer

The new standard for rugged, simple-to-use visible spectrophotometers for teaching and routine applications.

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ AB150 pH Meters

Intuitive, simple operation and high accuracy in a compact, affordable meter.

Innovating Science™ Colored Periodic Tables

Colors help distinguish between families and types.

Fisher Science Education™ Laboratory Benchtop pH Meters

Large, dual LCD shows pH measurement and temperature results simultaneously (with ATC probes).

OHAUS™ Starter pH Pen Meters

Convenient pH testing. OHAUS Starter pH Pen Meters offer a convenient way to measure pH, or the relative acidity or alkalinity of a sample at a given temperature. The pH pen meters can be completely operated with just one hand, freeing up your other hand to handle samples.

Soil pH Meter

Meter designed exclusively for quick soil testing.

BrandTech™ UV-Cuvets

Disposable cuvets to replace expensive, fragile quartz cuvets in many applications.

LaMotte™ Dissolved Oxygen Sampler

Simplified dissolved oxygen water sampler designed for use in the field.

Insta-Chek™ Wide-Range Paper Dispenser

Single color match for each pH value.

Fisherbrand™ Test Paper

Use these test papers for a variety of applications.

Salinity Refractometer

Portable device measures the percentage of salt in any body of water.

United Scientific Supplies pH Paper

Determine pH of wide range of solutions!

Eisco™ Student Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Sets

Lets students visualize three-dimensional molecule structures and understand molecular formulas

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Salinity Meter Pen

Easy-to-use, waterproof salinty meter designed for routine analysis and quality control. Simply turn on, insert, and simultaneously read result and temperature.

Ohaus™ Storage Solution for pH Electrode

Ensures proper working condition after cleaning or when the electrode is not in use.

3B Scientific™ Molecular Shapes: Electron Repulsion Theory

Contains sufficient parts to make eight atomic models.

GSC Go Science Crazy Rubber Policeman

Great tool for working with tissues and cultures.

Eisco™ Borosilicate Salt Bridge

The salt bridge is used to connect the oxidation and reduction half-cells of a galvanic cell. It allows ions to flow from one solution to the other without mixing and allows the solutions to remain electrically neutral.

OHAUS™ Starter Water Analysis Bench Meters: Model 2100

Durable, accurate bench meters for a variety of lab applications. OHAUS Starter Water Analysis Bench Meters: Model 2100 provides reliable pH testing with intuitive software/organized display for usability.

BrandTech™ Plastic Cuvets

Excellent choices for most spectrophotometry applications in the visible range.

Oakton™ Replacement Sensor for Oakton™ Double-Junction Waterproof pHTestr™

Replaceable sensor saves money by reusing the same meter body

Stick to Science: Chemical Nomenclature Cards

Set of 144 magnetic cards for students to investigate naming of compounds and balancing of equations.

LaMotte™ Fresh Water Test Kit

Teaches sampling techniques, careful measurement and data recording.

Lab-Aids™ Design-Your-Own Custom Molecular Model Kit

Why limit your lab activities by using only standard molecular model kits? Now, you can design your own activity kits.

LaMotte™ Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Outfit

Ideal for long-term water-quality monitoring.

Lab-Aids™ Identification of Chemical Reactions Kit

Conduct experiments and identify four types of chemical reactions: color changes, precipitates, gas generation, and exothermic. Involves deductive reasoning when testing 'unknowns'.