Protein Biology

Protein biology and protein chemistry are disciplines that help us understand the thousands of genes that influence our health. Genes direct the production of proteins that play a significant role in health and disease. Disorders like cancer, Alzheimer's, heart failure, and diabetes are now known to produce proteins and other substances that can help with earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

Protein research is supported by a range of methods and products that include:

  • Protein lysis and extraction reagents, fractionation kits, enzyme inhibitors, desalting and dialysis devices, IEC columns, and affinity purification products
  • Protein electrophoresis sample preparation, gels and gel stains, loading products, markers, and buffers
  • Western blotting transfer and blotting devices, substrates, buffers, and membranes
  • Protein quantitation assays, IP beads and kits, ELISA kits, and multiplex, enzyme reporter and protein activity assays
  • Mass spectrometry reagents and kits, sample prep tools, and mass-tagging (TMT) and isotope-labeling (SILAC) kits
  • Protein and antibody labeling, modifying, and crosslinking reagents
  • Custom peptide synthesis and antibody preparation products

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