Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Holdfast™ Graduated Cylinders

Pour securely and safely with an easy pour handle. Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Holdfast™ Graduated Cylinders are available in multiple sizes. These one-piece cylinders are autoclavable and chemical-resistant.

PYREX™ VISTA™ Class A Cylinders

Calibrated “To Contain”

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Labware Value Pack

Assortment of popular labware in convenient pack

Dynalon™ Polypropylene Graduated Cylinders

Molded of chemical-resistant, autoclavable polypropylene

Economy Cylinder Starter Kit

Each student can have a set.

PYREX™ VISTA™ Educational-Grade Cylinders

Calibrated “To Contain.”

EISCO Polypropylene Cylinders

Base provides good stability.

PYREX™ VISTA™ Class A Cylinder

Calibrated “To Deliver”

Fisherbrand™ Polymethylpentene Graduated Clear Cylinders

Easy-to-read transparent cylinders with large molded-in graduations.

Corning™ Single-Metric Scale Reusable Graduated Cylinders

Translucent polypropylene cylinders with raised graduations at primary scale points.

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Graduated Cylinder Set

Set includes an assortment of the most popular sizes.

PYREX™ Class B Mixing Cylinders

Calibrated “To Contain”

PYREX™ Lifetime Red Cylinders

Calibrated “To Contain”

Graduated Cylinders

With embossed calibrations for easy measuring.

Polymethylpentene Graduated Cylinders

Clear, shatterproof polymethylpentene polymer.

PYREX™ Lifetime Red™ Cylinders

Calibrated “To Contain”

PYREX™ VISTA™ Class A Cylinder

Calibrated “To Contain.”

PYREX™ Cylinders with standard taper 24/40 Joints

Graduated cylinders calibrated “To Contain” 

Hydrometer Cylinders

Made from heavy borosilicate glass.

Corning™ Graduated Polystyrene Cylinder

Accurately dispense culture media or other biological fluids

American Educational Products Graduated Polypropylene Cylinders

Raised outer graduations to facilitate easy reading.

Corning™ Single-Metric Scale Reusable Graduated Cylinders

Transluscent polypropylene with raised graduations at primary scale points