STEM Forensics and Chemistry

Hemastix™ Reagent Strips

Quick-and-easy test can be used right at the crime scene.

Chain of Custody Labels

Perfect choice for the permanent marking of evidence.

Innovating Science™ Blood Typing Kits with Simulated Blood

Determine the ABO or ABO/Rh blood type of four unknown samples.

Dynalon™ Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape

Improve sterilization processes with temperature indicators. The Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape changes color to indicate products have attained temperatures for dry heat sterilization.

Lyle and Louise: Strands of Evidence™ Hair and Fiber Analysis

Provides introduction to evidence handling and comparison as performed at a murder scene.

Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifying Glass

Slips in a shirt or jacket pocket — always ready when you need it.

Innovating Science™ Simulated Blood Spatter

Innovating Science™ Simulated Blood Spatter is not corn syrup based and will dry on material allowing students to utilize the dried blood on objects for exams or other lab measurements.

Optical 4.5X LumiLoupeÖ Power Stand Magnifier

Ideal for viewing insects, plants, maps and graphics

Fingerprinting Supplies

Great for the classroom — clear and accurate fingerprints for forensics projects.

Photo Evidence Scale

Perfect for precise measurement when photographing evidence.

Regular Black Magnetic Latent Print Powder

Uniform textured powder perfect for fingerprinting applications.

United Scientific Supplies Protein Synthesis Manipulative Kit

Teach protein synthesis with hands-on manipulatives.

Fuming Hotplate

Accelerate development of cyanoacrylate by using this new fuming hotplate.

Clear Flap Lifters with Backing Flap

Convenient way to lift and protect a powdered print.

Innovating Science™ Understanding Blood Type Interactions Through Simulated Blood Typing Kit

Use for deeper understanding of the importance of antigen/antibody interactions.

Innovating Science™ Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis Kit

See how scientists use hair to solve a crime.

Photo Evidence Scale for 35mm Format

Use when photographing evidence at 1:1 ratio with 35mm film.

Portable Fuming Chamber

Cyanoacrylate development chamber designed with field use in mind.

Innovating Science™ Forensics Using Simulated Blood Kit

Enjoy hands-on activities and learn the use of blood type in a forensic investigation.

Crime Scene Template

Designed to simplify the drawing of difficult objects found at the crime scene.

Lab-Aids™ Identification of Substances Kit

A thorough introduction to acid and bases, observe effects of acids and bases on indicator dyes, measure concentration of acids by titration of an 'unknown' and perform a neutralization experiment.

Transparent Lifting Tape

Conforms to most surfaces.

Basic Black Light Fingerprint Kit

For use with fluorescent fingerprinting techniques.

Kemtec™: Analysis of Fingerprints

Encourages students to learn and experiment with dusting and developing latent prints.

Fiber Duster

Popular powder applicator actually feels and performs better with use.

Innovating Science™ Genetics of Blood Types Using Simulated Blood Kit

Learn how genetics determine blood type and possible inheritance patterns.

Photo Locator Cone Set

Use at crime scenes as evidence markers or for traffic control.

Lyle and Louise: Bad Impressions™ Bite Marks Analysis

Introduces forensic odontology and the techniques used for bite mark analysis.

Original Crime Scene Gear Fingerprint Kit

Comprehensive kit includes essential equipment for every crime scene.