Cuvets and Cells

BrandTech™ Plastic Cuvets

Excellent choices for most spectrophotometry applications in the visible range.

Fisherbrand™ Absorption Macro Rectangular Cells with PTFE Lid

Fit standard spectrophotometer cell holders

Fisherbrand™ Absorption Rectangular Cells

Fit standard spectrophotometer cell holders

Thermo Scientific™ Electroporation Cuvettes

Increase the ease of sample identification and labelling with these premium-grade polycarbonate electroporation cuvettes, which have frosted, colored caps.

BioTek™ BioCell™ Vessel and Adapter

For use with PowerWave™ HT, Eon and Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometers

BrandTech™ BRAND™ UV-Cuvette Disposable Cuvets

Protects against scratching in the optical pathway. BrandTech™ BRAND™ UV-Cuvette Disposable Cuvets provide transparency from 220 to 900nm and eliminate cleaning and risk of cross-contamination. Ideal for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis. Compatible with with most polar organic solvents, acids, and bases Fits most spectrophotometers without adapters.