Physics Classroom

Eisco™ New Calorimeter

Double wall calorimeter of superior quality.

Eisco™ Lens Set

Eisco lens sets are ideal in the classroom for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.

Eisco™ Boxed Set of Prisms

Variety of shapes for different demonstrations.

Intermediate Van de Graaff Generator

Create your own lightning.

Eisco™ Regulated AC/DC 12V Power Supply

Use the two independent outputs on this power supply simultaneously.

Eisco™ Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply

Offers AC voltages of 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12V and regulated continuously variable DC voltages.

BD-10A High-Frequency Generator

Standard tester model.

United Scientific Supplies Semicircular Refraction Cell

Show refraction and internal reflection in water. The United Scientific Supplies Semicircular Refraction Cell is used to measure refractive index, and has uniform wall thickness to eliminate distortions.

Orienteering Compass and Kits

Basic, accurate compass to get started with map and compass work.

Eisco™ Demo Van de Graaff Generator

Complete self-contained unit with discharger and accessories.

Science First™ Intermediate Force Table

Classic way to study force and vectors.

Eisco™ Quantitative Spectroscope

A quantitative spectroscope for measuring wavelength and color of light.

Three-Output Variable AC/DC Power Supply

Ideal power supply for your school lab.

FLIR Systems Extech 382213 Digital Triple Output DC Power Supply

Power and test electrical components with a durable and adjustable power supply. The Extech 382213 Digital Triple Output DC Power Supply is great for bench testing, field service, hobby and telecommunication equipment.

Eisco™ Newton Cradle apparatus

For demonstration of conservation of momentum.

United Scientific Supplies Create-a-Circuit

Handy kit makes it easy to create a circuit.

Science First™ Basic Electric Motor Kit

Build a real working motor for classroom exercises, science fairs and more.

Neodymium Disc Magnets

For use in automobile and electronic devises.

United Scientific Supplies Optics Set

Explore the world of light reflection and defraction.

Neodymium Magnets

Perform a variety of simple experiments.

Eisco™ Light Box and Optical Set

For reflection, refraction and color mixing experiments.

Eisco™ Water Turbine with Dynamo/Hydroelectrical Station

Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Eisco™ Economy Electricity Kit

Ideal for introductory electronics. EISCO Economy Electricity Kit is a basic assortment of circuit components.

American Educational Products Pulley Cord for Table Clamp

A critical part of a physic table pulley demonstration.