Physics Classroom

Intermediate Van de Graaff Generator

Create your own lightning.

Neodymium Magnets

Perform a variety of simple experiments.

Eisco™ New Calorimeter

Double wall calorimeter of superior quality.

United Scientific Supplies Create-a-Circuit

Handy kit makes it easy to create a circuit.

Eisco™ Regulated AC/DC 12V Power Supply

Use the two independent outputs on this power supply simultaneously.

Eisco™ Demo Van de Graaff Generator

Complete self-contained unit with discharger and accessories.

Acrylic Equilateral Prisms

Experiment with diffraction, spectrum formation, and more. The Eisco™ Acrylic Equilateral Prism is ideal for studying the spectrum of light in a kinesthetically and visually effective manner.

Three-Output Variable AC/DC Power Supply

Ideal power supply for your school lab.

BD-10A High-Frequency Generator

Standard tester model.

Eisco™ Economy Electricity Kit

Ideal for introductory electronics. EISCO Economy Electricity Kit is a basic assortment of circuit components.

Eisco™ Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply

Offers AC voltages of 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12V and regulated continuously variable DC voltages.

3B Scientific™ Stainless-Steel Rod

Constructed from straight, noncorrosive stainless steel.

Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets

Magnetically correct: one foot north and one foot south.

Fisherbrand™ Pocket Digital Light Meter

Compact meter reads from 0 to 1999 foot-candles with resolution from 0.1 to 1.

Eisco™ U-Shaped Magnet

Includes keepers.

Eisco™ Pulley Demonstration Set for Students

Simpler pulley set, with fewer components.

Science First™ Intermediate Force Table

Classic way to study force and vectors.

American Educational Products Pulley Cord for Table Clamp

A critical part of a physic table pulley demonstration.

Neodymium Disc Magnets

For use in automobile and electronic devises.

3B Scientific™ Wave Channel for Water DFS Item

Investigate the wave properties of water.

Orienteering Compass and Kits

Basic, accurate compass to get started with map and compass work.

United Scientific Supplies The Spillnot™

Uses the principles of Newtonian physics to keep the liquid in the container.

Simple Machines Kit

Ideal for mechanics and simple machines experiments!

LASER Blox™ Laser Pointer Multi 3 Pack

Demonstrate and study reflection, refraction, diffraction, and advanced geometric optics.

American Scientific Calorimeter

For determining specific heat, heat of fusion and heat of vaporization.

Eisco™ Acrylic Equilateral Refraction Prism

Experiment with diffraction, spectrum formation, and more! The EISCO Acrylic Equilateral Refraction Prism is ideal for studying refraction and light in classrooms where glass may be an issue.

Eisco™ Light Box and Optical Set

For reflection, refraction and color mixing experiments.

Eisco™ Dry Field Mapping Kit

Makes the learning the concepts of electric fields easy. With the EISCO Dry Field Mapping Kit, students use the conductive paper that comes with the kit to draw any electrode configuration and then test it with an included battery.