Agitateurs, agitateurs basculants et agitateurs rotatifs

Fisherbrand™ Incubating Mini-Shakers

Designed to heat and shake variety of samples such as cell cultures and bacterial suspensions.

Eppendorf™ ThermoMixer Temperature Control Device

Perfect choice for mixing and heating established routine applications

Thermo Scientific™ CO2 Resistant Shakers

Benefit from reliable around-the-clock operation ideally suited to keep your cells alive and flourishing within your working environment.

Troemner™ Talboys™ Advanced Digital 1000-3 Orbital Shaker

Operates in cold rooms, incubators, and CO2 environments from -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F). The Troemner™ Talboys™ Advanced Digital 1000-3 Orbital Shaker is ideal for a wide variety of shaking applications.

W.S. TYLER™ RO-TAP™ RX-29 E Test Sieve Shaker

Designed for light to medium testing applications

Fisherbrand™ Incubating Microplate Shakers

Optimized for shaking four microplates or two microtube racks.

W.S. TYLER™ RO-TAP™ Sieve Shakers

Recommended for accurate and consistent particle analysis testing

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Spindrive™ Orbital Vibrating Platform

Save the expense and eliminate the space requirements of another piece of lab equipment. Placed and centered on a magnetic stirrer, this platform operates as an orbital vibrator for plates, flasks or other vessels.

W.S. TYLER™ RO-TAP™ RX-812 Coarse Sieve Shaker

Choose the RX-812 Coarse Sieve Shaker as an affordable solution for your coarse testing applications. This model has the capability of using both 8 and 12 in. diamter test sieves, simply by using the quick-change adapters provided.

Corning™ LSE™ Shaking Incubators

Cabinet-style incubator has compact footprint and can be stacked to maximize space efficiency. Built in orbital shaker accepts a large assortment of platforms and clamps that can accommodate flasks, Petri dishes, and test tube racks.

Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shaker, incubated and refrigerated, digital, 120V Package B

MaxQ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers are versatile, incubated and refrigerated shakers that combine the convenience of a benchtop design with orbital shaking technology.

Eppendorf™ Excella™ E-24 Benchtop Biological Shaker with Platform and Clamps

Offers field calibration of temperature and speed through microprocessor-controlled touch pad

Bel-Art™ ProCulture Orbital Shaker Platform

Turns a standard magnetic stirrer into an orbital shaking platform saving the expense and space requirements of additional lab equipment.

Boekel Scientific™ Incubator Shaker II

Eliminates mess of shaking water baths and shakers placed inside conventional incubators

Eppendorf™ ThermoTop™

Use this lid with ThermoMixer™ C/ ThermoStat™ C with SmartBlock™ plates and lab vessels up to 2 mL and ThermoMixer F 0.5/F1.5/F2.0/FP. The Eppendorf ThermoTop™ with condens.protect™ technology heated lid prevents condensation on tube lid and tube wall.

IBI Scientific™ Low Profile Roller Shaker

Provides convenient fit into laboratory incubators, ovens, and refrigerated units

Eppendorf™ Scientific Excella™ E24/E24R Temperature-Controlled Benchtop Shakers

Incubating or refrigerated units accept vessels up to 2.8L

Eppendorf™ I-24 Incubating Shakers

Choice of benchtop or floor models, all with advanced features for consistent, reproducible results

Eppendorf™ I-24R Refrigerating/Incubator Shakers

Choice of benchtop or floor models, all with advanced features for consistent, reproducible results

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Compact Roller System for Mini Bottles

Designed for small-scale mixing and agitation, this space-saving roller is ideal for use in standard incubators and in coldrooms

RETSCH Air Jet Sieving Machine, AS200 jet

For separation, fractioning, particle size determination

Burrell Scientific Wrist Action™ Model 75 Laboratory Shakers

Bench top shakers with swirling action of hand mixing

W.S. TYLER™ RO-TAP™ RX-94 Test Sieve Shaker

Can take 2 sieve sets simultaneously

Thermo Scientific™ Thermal Mixer with Blocks

Get flexibility with this vertical mixer with variable speed and temperature control for a variety of applications.

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Shake Touch High Speed Shakers

Includes block for 24 x 1.5mL microtubes, removable rack and cover.

Stuart™ Roller Shakers

Gentle rocking and rolling action of Stuart™ Roller Shakers provide complete mixing

Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 6000 Refrigerated Stackable Shaker, digital, 120V Package B

Save valuable lab space with stackable shakers. These shakers combine orbital shaking with general purpose incubation for added versatility.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ R2P™ Roller Culture Apparatus

Go from research to production without having to change protocols and revalidate

Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 7000 Analog Shaker Package

All in one promo package includes platform and clamp starter kit.