Specimen Collection

BD General Use and PrecisionGlide Hypodermic Needles

Fit any Luer-Lok™, slip tip, or eccentric tip syringe

Fisherbrand™ Microhematocrit Capillary Tubes

Low-taper wall construction guarantees error less than 1% absolute, 0.4 hematocrit, relative

BD Microtainer™ Capillary Blood Collector and BD Microgard™ Closure

Textured inner surface and large tube diameter to aid sample mixing

BD Vacutainer™ Plastic Blood Collection Tubes with K2EDTA: Hemogard™ Closure

Evacuated blood collection tubes for whole blood hematology determinations

BD Vacutainer™ Plastic Blood Collection Tubes with Sodium Heparin: Conventional Stopper

Evacuated blood collection tubes for plasma determinations in chemistry

BD PAXgene™ Blood RNA Tube

Offers a convenient and closed system for the collection, storage and transportation of whole blood that requires intracellular RNA stabilization. BD Vacutainer™ PAXgene™ Blood RNA Tube is for in vitro diagnostic use and is CE-marked.

Pro-Lab Diagnostics™ Microbank™ Bacterial and Fungal Preservation System DFS Item

Designed to simplify the storage and retrieval of bacterial and fungal cultures.  Prolab Diagnostics™ Microbank™ Bacterial and Fungal Preservation System is a ready-to-use system.

BD Sterile Pack Swabs for Environmental Monitoring

BD Sterile Filled Swabs are double-wrapped, gamma-irradiated, ready-to-use sterile swabs for surface sampling, combined with a rinse solution-filled tube.

Drummond™ Hemato-Clad™ Mylar™-Wrapped Hematocrit Tubes

Combine the precision of glass with the safety of Mylar wrapping

Falcon™ Sterile Sample Containers

Made of clear polypropylene for strength and visibility. Corning Falcon™ Sterile Sample Containers are ideal for specimen collection.

Fisherbrand™ Swab/Tube Applicators

Equivalent to BD™ Falcon™ Swube™

Thermo Scientific™ Sanicult™ Environmental Transport Kits

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Sanicult Environmental Transport Kits can be used to sample most surfaces or substances.

Drummond™ Hematocrit Tubes

Drummond Hematocrit Tubes, Polycarbonate, Plain Hematocrit Tube, Certifications/Compliance: FDA, NIOSH, CDC, OSHA, For Use With: Provide the identical capillary action as Glass hematocrit tubes, Tube Size: 75mm

Fisherbrand™ Sav-It™ Tube Closures

Firm, leak-resistant seals protect personnel and samples