Clamps, Stands and Supports

Fisherbrand™ Covered Lead Rings for Flasks

Protect and stabilize expensive glassware with these Vikem™ vinyl-coated lead rings.

American Educational Products Lincoln Buret Clamp

Securely holds burette by making three contact point.

EISCO Steel Rods

Choice of rods for all stand bases.

EISCO Hoffmans Brass Clips

For holding or closing various tubing.

United Mohr Pinchcock Clamps

Tubing clamps made of steel wire, nickel plated.

Extension Clamps

Allow for variable distance between the object and support rod.

American Educational Products Right-Angle Clamp

Capable of gripping rods as large as 1.9cm in diameter.

Eisco™ “G” by Freefall Apparatus

Eisco apparatus used in the classroom to demonstrate the determination of “g” (the gravitational acceleration) by free fall method.

Fisherbrand™ Lab Jacks

Precise height adjustment with the turn of a knob.

Eisco™ Aluminum Rods

Choice of rods for all stand bases.

EISCO Round Jaw Burette Clamp

For holding any burette during titration experiments.

Vinyl-Coated Lead Rings

Stabilize flasks in baths and on the bench.

Pinchcocks, Mohr Type

Clamp rubber tubing to 1.5cm dia.

EISCO Metalware Set

One each base, rod, boss head, clamp and retort ring.

EISCO Rods for Base Retort Stand

A range of stainless steel rods to suit all stand bases.

United Scientific Supplies Flask Stand

For use with round bottom flasks up to 10L.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Round Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem™ Vinyl Coating

Protects and stabilizes expensive glassware. SP Scienceware™ Round Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem™ Vinyl Coating reduces floating, breakage and chemical spills.

United Extension Support Rings

Zinc-plated steel extension rings.

United Tripod Stands

Available with or without concentric rings.

Adjustable Right-Angle Holder

Grips rods up to 1.6cm diameter.

Multipurpose Clamp Holder

Accommodates square and circular section rods and tubing up to 16mm across.

Boekel Scientific Lab Jacks™ Support Rod

Fits into pre-tapped hole on the lab jacks

Replacement Support Rods

Threaded and sized to fit securely in standard bases.

American Educational Products Tripod Base Support Stands

Heavy-duty, tripod base support stands provide years of solid support in the laboratory.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Polypropylene Buret Clamps

Noncorrosive clamp provides a steady grip without obscuring graduations.

American Educational Products C-Clamps

Firmly secure instruments or apparatus onto workbench or table.