Chromatography Columns and Cartridges

BUCHI FlashPure Silica Flash Cartridges

High resolution and outstanding loading capacity

Synthware™ Chromatography Columns with Standard Taper Joint, PTFE Stopcock and Fritted Disc

Comes in variety of formulation to provide maximum flexibility, control, convenience, and improved yield

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Chromaflex™ Columns

Ideal for medium-pressure chromatography with aqueous mobile phases

Restek™ MXT™-500 Sim Dist (metal, Sulfinert treated) Capillary Columns DFS Item

Application-specific columns in unbreakable Siltek treated stainless steel tubing meet all resolution criteria for high temperature simulated distillation.

Restek™ Innovative Integra-Guard™ Rtx™-1301 Columns DFS Item

Incorporate both guard column and analytical column in a continuous length of tubing

Restek™ Empty Chromatography Columns DFS Item

HPLC column assembly made from 316 stainless steel tubing is complete with end-fittings, frits, nuts, and ferrules.

Restek™ FAMEWAX Capillary Columns DFS Item

Application-specific columns for FAMEs

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-624 and TG-624SilMS GC Columns

Optimize volatile organics analysis with this low-bleed, midpolarity GC column with high thermal stability.

BUCHI Pure Chromatography System

BUCHI Pure Chromatography System is extremely compact and can be used outside of the fume hood. Choose from flash systems or combination flash/prep HPLC capable of small to large scale purification of complex mixtures. UV detection is standard or choose to add ELS detection to detect all compounds.

Restek™ MXT™-1701 Capillary Columns DFS Item

Crossbond 14% cyanopropylphenyl/86% dimethyl polysiloxane

Rtx™-5 Capillary Columns from Restek™ DFS Item

Similar to DB-5, SPB-5, HP-5, and Ultra II columns

BUCHI FlashPure ExoFlex Alumina Neutral

FlashPure EcoFlex cartridges are designed to optimized backpressure, price and performance. EcoFlex Alumina Neutral is ideal for aldehydes, keytones, and esters.

Synthware™ Cylindrical TLC Developing Tank

Compact design offers good plate visability and minimal solvent use. Lid has a short length standard taper joint with a ball style handle.

Restek™ Micropacked GC Columns: Hayesep Q DFS Item

Efficient, inert, and flexible micropacked columns are highly efficient and provide good sample capacity, resulting in a powerful tool for solving many difficult application problems.

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-WaxMS GC Columns with SafeGuard

Produce consistent results with this low-bleed, stable column produces.

Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD TG-5MS GC Columns

Employ the most widely used MS phase in gas chromatography with the 5% phenyl phase Thermo Scientific™ TraceGOLD™ TG-5MS GC Column.

Restek™ Rtx™-1701 Capillary Columns - 15m Length DFS Item

General-purpose, fused silica column for alcohols, oxygenates, PCB congeners, pesticides, and fragrance compounds.

Restek™ Stabilwax™ Capillary Columns DFS Item

Polyethylene glycol phase resists damage from oxygen or moisture

Restek™ CarboBlack Packed Columns (On CarboBlack C): 0.19% Picric Acid DFS Item

Graphitized carbon black offers unique selectivity and very little adsorption for alcohol analyses.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ KIMAX™ Dissolution Test Vessel

For drug bioavailability dissolution testing