Storage Cabinets

Akro-Mils™ 19-Series Heavy-duty Steel Storage Cabinets

For heavy-duty, color-coded storage/organization

Akro-Mils Secure Mini-Cabinets

Quick-View doors add visibility to stored items

Labconco™ Protector™ Benchtop Evidence Drying Cabinet

Provides a compact, space-saving method of securely drying evidence in a ventilated area

Labconco™ Protector™ Evidence Drying Cabinet: 5 ft.W

Provide a compact, space-saving method of securely drying evidence in your lab with the Labconco Protector Evidence Drying Cabinet. This durable, stainless steel-lined cabinet provides a secure ventilated area to dry evidence such as clothing and bedding and its HEPA and carbon filtered exhaust protects personnel from exposure to biohazards while eliminating nuisance odors.

Labconco™ Purifier™ Logic™+ and PuriCare™ Base Stand

Labconco Purifier™ Logic™+ and PuriCare™ Base Stands are designed to be used with Purifier Logic Class II Biosafety Cabinets and PuriCare Procedure Stations.

Labconco™ Protector™ Evidence Drying Cabinets with Washdown

Spray nozzle allows the interior to be washed down for easy clean up after the cabinet has been properly disinfected

Labconco™ Protector™ Standard Storage Cabinet

The Labconco Protector™ Standard Storage Cabinet may be used for storage of supplies and small laboratory instruments.

Labconco™ Biosafety Cabinet/Procedure Station Accessory, Service Fixture Kit

Designed to work with PuriCare Procedure Stations and Purifier Logic and Logic + Biosafety Cabinets, this Labconco Service Fixture Kit makes required repairs easy when kept on hand.

Labconco™ Work Surface Accessory, Oval Polypropylene Cupsink

Easily remove waste from your laboratory worktable with the Labconco Oval Cupsink.

Mott Manufacturing Wall Cabinet Accessory, Front Filler Scribe

Mott Front Filler Scribes are commonly used to close space between base cabinet and wall.

Labconco™ Protector™Acid Storage Cabinets

Support Labconco fume hoods and safely store and vent acids and other corrosive liquids

Mott Manufacturing Wall Cabinet Accessory, Toe Space Filler

Mott toe space filler is used to close gaps once base cabinet has been installed.

Labconco™ Protector™ Vacuum Pump Storage Cabinets

Provide enclosed space for vacuum pump storage

Brightline Casework Upper Wall Cabinet

Brightline Casework Upper Wall Cabinets have single or double doors with varying widths.