Test Tubes, Vials, Caps and Closures

Fisher Scientific makes finding the right glassware and plasticware for your projects easy. We offer a wide range of test tubes, vials and storage accessories from an array of trusted brands. Whatever you need, you can find it in our extensive lab equipment section.

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Reliable Quality

Fisher Scientific’s collection of tubes includes everything from simple culture tubes to blood sample tubes and high-strength centrifuge and microcentrifuge tubes. We offer both polypropylene and glass tubes from trusted brands like Corning, Fisherbrand and Pyrex to give you excellent thermal and chemical resistance for myriad applications.

We also offer a comprehensive range of racks for all your tubes and vials, including wooden racks, plastic molded racks and Nalgene™ racks.

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Storage and Analysis

Fisher Scientific offers an extensive range of glass and plastic vials for all your projects, including chromatography, cryopreservation and scintillation.

Sample Vials

We provide versatile glass and plastic sample vials for extracting blood and working with samples, including Wheaton™ Clear and Amber Borosilicate Glass Vials.

Cryogenic Storage Vials

Store your valuable cell cultures and biological solutions in ultra-low temperatures with our selection of cryogenic tubes and vials, including Corning™ Vials.

Scintillation Vials

Precisely analyze your samples with superior glass and plastic scintillation vials that are ideal for handling a vast range of chemicals.

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Caps and Closures


For a Secure Seal

Keep your samples secure with caps and closures from brands like Wheaton. Or, find vials and tubes with integrated closures for a simple solution to your research needs.

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