Counting Devices

Calc-U-Store™ Pocket Chart

Holds up to 35 student calculators in clear pockets.

Texas Instruments™ TI-10 Calculator — Teacher Pack

Two-line calculator with great features, such as problem solving and rounding.

Fisherbrand™ Counter Pen

Touch, sound, and count simultaneously.

AC Recording Timer Accessories: Carbon Discs

Accesory for AC Recording Timer.

Texas Instruments™ TI-108 Calculator

TI's most widely used school calculator.

Texas Instruments™ TI-15 Calculator — Teacher Pack

Constant operations with counters help build tables.

Texas Instruments™ TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator

Applications can be installed and customized for classroom needs.

Eisco Ticker Tape Timer Accessory, Paper Tape Roll

Convenient replacement roll tape.

Texas Instruments™ TI-36X Pro Solar Calculator

Ideal for high school through college courses including Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus and Biology, as well as curricula in which graphing technology is not permitted.

Texas Instruments™ TI-108 Teacher's Kit

A kit for your whole classroom.

Texas Instruments™ TI-30X IIS Calculator

Combine basic scientific and trigonometric functions.

Basic Student Calc-U-Vue™ Calculator

Great solar-powered calculator for primary grades.

Texas Instruments™ TI-89 Titanium Calculator

Computer algebra system; official AP™ calculus review questions on the enclosed product CD.

Texas Instruments™ TI-15 Calculator

Constant operations with counters help build tables.

Texas Instruments™ TI-30Xa Calculator

Performs 54 commonly used scientific/statistical functions.

Texas Instruments™ TI-Nspire™ CX CAS Handheld

A virtual and real-world way to explore science.

Texas Instruments™ EZ-Spot Teacher Packs

Help reduce theft of school-owned graphing calculators.

Fisherbrand™ Hand Tally Counter

Ideal for hundreds of lab applications, including counting blood samples, taking surveys, laboratory inventory, counting total drops of liquid, receiving lab samples and tallying biomedical events.

Texas Instruments™ TI-84 Plus and Plus Silver Calculators

Preloaded with interactive geometry software and more.

Texas Instruments™ TI-1795SV Calculator

For educational users and students. Texas Instruments™ TI-1795SV Calculator is large, easy-to-read eight-digit LCD display, tilted to prevent glare.

Fisherbrand™ Compact-Sized Metric Conversion Calculator

Performs multiple conversions and calculator functions

Fisherbrand™ Solar Desktop Calculator, 8-Digit

Solar-powered unit can be read in any light

Fisherbrand™ Metric Conversion Calculator

Change lab measurements to U.S. or metric in an instant

Fisherbrand™ 12-Digit Calculator with Oversized Display

With oversized, raised keys for easy operation

Fisherbrand™ Solar-Powered, Big-Digit Calculator

Performs all arithmetic calculations

Fisherbrand™ Hand Tally Counter

For counting blood cells, drops of liquid, inventory items, etc.