Physics Apparatus

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope and Rotating Platform

Bring gyroscopic forces to life.

Plastic Mirrors

Single and hinged mirrors available.

Whiteboard Optics Set

Set of equipment for ray optics and color experiments using magnetic-backed components — use on the included whiteboard or any installed steel whiteboard.

Diatonic Scale Tuning Forks

Harmonious chords familiar to piano players!

American Educational Products Friction on an Inclined Plane

Determine the degree of friction in relation to an incline.

American Educational Products Standard Equilibrium Tube

Demonstrate equilibrium with connected vessels.

GSC Intenational Graduated Resonance Tube

Choose GSC tubes for demonstrating resonance in the classroom.

Pulleys in Motion

Kit contains everything needed to teach the mechanical principles of pulleys to an entire class.

Science First™ Curvature of Space and Time Apparatus

Simulates the gravitational behavior of objects.

Ballistics Pendulum

Shows relation between kinetic and potential energy.

Diffraction Materials Cards

Handy, quick and easy demonstration tool for fundamental questions of quantum mechanics.

Newtonian Demonstrator

Designed with the utmost sturdiness and appearance.

Newtonian Demonstrator

Illustrates Newton's Third Law of Motion and the principle of Conservation of Momentum.

Pendulum Clamp

Usual for experiments.

Basic Photogate/Pulley System

A complex device for measuring motion.

Eisco™ Tuning Fork Octave Set

For teaching octaves

3B Scientific™ Paper Roll for Acceleration Spark Timer

Helps students in the science classroom learn to determine the rate of acceleration in a falling weight.

Deluxe Reflection and Refraction Tank

Effectively demonstrates the laws of reflection and refraction.

3B Scientific™ Photovoltaics Equipment Set

Set of equipment on the topic of photovoltaics for one student workplace.

EISCO Boxed Set of Prisms

Variety of shapes for different demonstrations.

Simple Form Truss

Demonstrate and quantify the effect of force.

Inertia Apparatus

Known as ball and card mass force demonstrator.

DiscoveryKits™ Pulleys

For classroom activities.

K'NEX Education™ Motor Pack

Perfect additions for any K'NEX™ set. Add more excitement to your models with the K'NEX Battery Motor Pack.

EISCO Ballistics Car

Ejected ball returns to its original position in the barrel of moving car.