Eisco Borosilicate Burette, Straight Bore, PTFE Stopcock - 50mL cap., 0.10mL grad., Class A tolerance

Eisco Borosilicate Burette, Straight Bore, PTFE Stopcock - 50mL - Class A Burette These high quality borosilicate burettes are straight bore with interchangeable PTFE key stopcocks. Accuracy is per ISO 385, DIN 12709.

Fisherbrand™ Castaloy™ Double-Buret Clamp

Holds two burets from micro to 100mL size

EISCO Graduated Burettes

With graduations in blue.

PYREX™ Class A Buret with Product Standard PTFE Stopcock Plug

Buret has colored markings, fine, sharp lines and large easy-to-read numbers

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Break-Resistant Self-Zeroing Automatic Burets

Ensure repeatable, accurate results with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Break-Resistant Self-Zeroing Automatic Burets (meets ASTM E287).

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Self-Zeroing Buret Filler Kit

Save time and increase convenience. This filler kit converts any conventional glass or plastic 25mL or 50mL buret into an automatic-filling, self-zeroing buret.

Tech Glass Squeeze-O-Matic Burets with Bottles and PTFE Plugs

Automatic self-zeroring burets come with base plates for stability

Dynalon™ Acrylic Burets

Durable and transparent.

BrandTech™ BRAND™ Titrette™ Digital Bottle-Top Burets

Provides accuracy and precision within the tolerances of Class A glass burettes. BrandTech™ BRAND™ Titrette™ Digital Bottle-top Burets are suitable for most titrants in concentrations up to 1 mol/L. Ideal for general chemistry, wastewater treatment applications, food/beverage analysis, industrial titrations, environmental fieldwork, and more.

Supertek Scientific Acrylic Burets

Transparent buret with leakproof stopcock fitted with self lubricating PTFE plug.

Dynalon™ Automatic Titrating Burets

For use in laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants and field analyses.

PYREX™ Burets with Locking Stopcock

Replaceable components for cost savings

Fisherbrand™ Auto-Zero Class A, Acid Buret

With reservoir and white graduations

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ KIMAX™ Schellbach Burets

With straight PTFE-plug No. 2 stopcocks and KimKap™ dust cap

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Automatic Self-Zeroing Burets

Feature easy-to-read blue graduations against a white background

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ 17124F-10 Buret and Stopcock only

Replacement Parts - Buret and Stopcock for Class A 10mL Automatic Zero Buret

Fisherbrand™ Machlett Automatic Burets

Class A, Gravity filling eliminates errors and guards against deterioration of liquids affected by air

GSC Go Science Crazy Burettes with Glass Stopcocks

Glass burette with ground glass stockcocks.