Bottles, Jars and Jugs

Fisherbrand™ Square Specimen Bottles

Perfect for storing and transporting specimens.

Fisherbrand™ Labeled Wash Bottles

Polyethylene bottles with polypropylene closures to ensure leakproof dispensing.

PYREX™ Reagent Bottles with Hollow standard taper Stoppers

For storing reagents, sera, vaccines, colloidal solutions and similar liquids because of their outstanding chemical durability

PYREX™ Polypropylene Flask Closures

Designed for culture tubes and flasks with long rimless necks

PYREX™ Media Bottle Septa

For use with open-top PBT caps

Kimble™ Polyethylene Snap Cap

Snap cap tight fit prevents leakage or evaporation.

Corning™ Costar™ Disposable Storage Bottles

Manufactured from clear polystyrene for strength and optimum visibility. Corning™ Costar™ Disposable Storage Bottles offer the ideal solution for storing media, buffers, and other aqueous solutions.

PYREX™ Reusable Media Storage Bottles

Ideal for media, buffers, aqueous and nonaqueous solutions

Alfa Aesar™ PTFE Dropping Bottles

For use with aggressive or valuable reagents

PYREXPLUS™ Aspirator Bottles with Tubulation

Protective PVC coating reduces breakage and contains glass and liquids in case of accident

Cylindrical Battery Jars

Observe reactions or specimens!

PYREX™ Cylindrical Jars

Can also be used as animal jars

Kemtec™ Spray Bottle with Pump

Used for dispensing wide variety of chemicals and other substances.

PYREX™ Weighing Bottles

Cylindrical, regular-form glass bottle with hollow glass stopper.

Corning™ ProCulture Media Handling Fittings

Introduce medium aseptically into larger Spinner Flasks with vertical sidearms during cell culture

Corning™ PET Storage Bottles, Square with Cap

Square polyethylene terephthalate (PET) storage bottles are easier to handle, require less space (13-20%) on the shelf and are ideal for mixing, sampling and storage

PYREX™ Square Media/Solution Bottles and Caps

Require 13 to 20% less space than round bottles

Corning™ GL45 Disposable Aseptic Transfer Cap

Reduces contamination and enhancse the productivity of cell culture operations when adding or removing medium and cells

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Right-to-Know Safety-Vented™ Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling

Specially designed valve prevents pressure build-up, which eliminates potentially dangerous chemical drips; allows dispensing of wash bottle in upright or inverted position.

Dynalon™ Straight-Sided Polystyrene Jars

Ideal for storing specimens, supplies or powders.

Corning™ Universal CellSTACK™ Caps

For filling, venting, and manipulation

PYREX™ Glass Centrifuge Bottles

Permit concentration of sediment for decanting operations

PYREX™ Weighing Bottles

Cylindrical, regular-form glass bottle with hollow glass stopper.

Corning™ ProCulture™ Gas/Media Handling Fittings For 6L Angled Sidearm Flasks

Includes PET insert with fluorocarbon O-ring and polypropylene-sealing cap