Dosages cellulaires

Promega CellTiter-Glo™ Luminescent Cell Viability Assay Kit DFS Item

The most sensitive, fastest, homogeneous cell viability assay. Based on luminescent detection of ATP.

Invitrogen™ ATP Determination Kit, 200-1,000 assays DFS Item

Based on luciferases absolute requirement for ATP in producing light

Promega CytoTox 96™ Nonradioactive Cytotoxicity Assay DFS Item

Colorimetric assay for the determination of cell membrane integrity based on detection of LDH release, an indicator of cytotoxicity. Sample transfer steps are required.

Promega CellTiter-Glo™ 2.0 Assay DFS Item

The CellTiter-Glo™ 2.0 Assay provides a homogeneous method of determining the number of viable cells in culture by quantitating the amount of ATP present, which indicates the presence of metabolically active cells.

Invitrogen™ BOCILLIN™ FL Penicillin, Sodium Salt DFS Item

Detect penicillin-binding proteins

Invitrogen™ MycoFluor™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit DFS Item

Identify mycoplasma infection in cell cultures visually

Invitrogen™ LIVE/DEAD™ Viability/Cytotoxicity Kit, for mammalian cells DFS Item

Useful with a variety of fluorescence-detection methodologies

Invitrogen™ Amplex™ Red Cholesterol Assay Kit DFS Item

Detects both free cholesterol and cholesteryl esters

Invitrogen™ ReadyProbes™ Cell Viability Imaging Kit, Blue/Green DFS Item

Determine the viability of cells quickly and easily. Invitrogen™ ReadyProbes™ Cell Viability Imaging Kit, Blue/Green is a ready-to-use assay kit for use in for fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence microplate readers, and flow cytometry.

Promega CellTiter-Glo™ 3D Cell Viability Assay DFS Item

The CellTiter-Glo™ 3D Cell Viability Assay is a homogeneous method to determine the number of viable cells in 3D cell culture based on quantitation of the ATP present, which is a marker for the presence of metabolically active cells.

Invitrogen™ Filmtracer™ LIVE/DEAD™ Biofilm Viability Kit DFS Item

Uses mixture of green fluorescent and red fluorescent stains

Invitrogen™ eBioscience™ Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit

Annexin V staining, paired with 7-AAD or PI is widely used to identify apoptotic stages by flow cytometry.

Invitrogen™ CyQUANT™ MTT Cell Viability Assay DFS Item

MTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit simplifies the task of counting cells

Invitrogen™ CellMask™ Deep Red Plasma membrane Stain DFS Item

Avoids cell-type differences exhibited by lectins

Promega GSH-Glo™ Glutathione Assay DFS Item

The GSH-Glo™ Assay is a luminescent-based assay for the detection and quantification of glutathione (GSH) in cells or in various biological samples.

Promega CellTiter 96™ AQueous One Solution Cell Proliferation Assay (MTS) DFS Item

Homogeneous, colorimetric cell viability assay. Requires a 1- to 4-hour incubation.

Invitrogen™ CyQUANT™ LDH Cytotoxicity Assay DFS Item

CyQUANT™ LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit is a colorimetric assay that provides a simple and reliable method for determining cellular cytotoxicity.

Molecular Probes™ CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay, for cells in culture DFS Item

CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit, for cells in culture

Invitrogen™ EU (5-Ethynyl Uridine) DFS Item

Aids in detection of global RNA transcription

Promega CytoTox-Glo™ Cytotoxicity Assay DFS Item

The CytoTox-Glo™ Assay is a luminescent cytotoxicity assay that measures the relative number of dead cells in a population.