Sample Vials

Fisherbrand™ Class A Clear Glass Threaded Vials

For general-purpose applications

Fisherbrand™ Class B Amber Glass Threaded Vials

General-purpose vials for light-sensitive materials

Fisherbrand™ Class A Clear Glass Threaded Vials with Caps, PTFE-faced White 14B Rubber Liner

Fisherbrand™ Type 1 Class A Borosilicate Glass Clear Sample Vials with Fitted Caps feature fitted black phenolic caps with either polycone liner or PTFE faced white rubber liner.

Fisherbrand™ 51 Expansion Glass Shell Vials with Plug Style Closures

Straight-sided shell vials are ideal for dry contents.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Clear Glass Sample Vials in Lab File with Caps Attached

Attached caps help maintain cleanliness. Wheaton™ Clear Glass Sample Vials in Lab File With Caps Attached come in partitioned trays to provide an easy way to store empty vials or to inventory samples.

Fisherbrand™ Class B Clear Glass Threaded Vials

General purpose vial avoids alteration in pH of sample

Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Containers

Ideal for storing dry materials, powders and tablets.

Caplugs™ Evergreen Scientific Dilution Vials in Tray

Dilution vials provide accurate, hemolysis- and distortion-free cell and particle counts

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Tooled Neck N-51A Borosilicate Glass Vials with Unattached Polyethylene Closure

Tooled neck OPTICLEAR™ vials are excellent for packaging drug products.  Available in a range of capacities (4mL, 12mL, 20mL) in shelf packs of 72 .

Globe Scientific Self-Standing Sterile Transport Tubes with Attached Screw Cap

Designed for the safe storage and transport of biological materials.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ V Vial™ with Open-Top Screw Cap: Clear

Conical interior bottoms are designed to provide total downward drainage and maximum retrieval of contents by syringe

Glass Vials, Inc. Glass Sample Vial with TFE-Lined Cap

Flint glass with positive sealing, TFE-lined screw cap

Thermo Scientific™ Capitol Vial Dairy Industry Containers for Milk Sampling

Made from polypropylene resin, these dairy industry containers for milk sampling are translucent in color for visual inspection.

Globe Scientific 4mL Tube with Screwcap and O-ring for Access™ Analyzer

Self-standing polypropylene tube/vial with cap for use with Beckman™ Access™ Analyzer

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Glass Screw-Thread Sample Vials with PTFE Closure

Cylindrical shape provides solid balance. Flat bottom facilitates free-standing capability.

Globe Scientific Polypropylene Transport Tubes

Designed for safe storage and transport of biological materials

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ V Vial™ with Crimp Top Finish; no Closures

Ideal for small scale reactions, centrifugation, storage, packaging and shipping of vital samples.

Thermo Scientific™ Capitol Vial 12 x 75mm Round Bottom Sample Tubes

Use these capitol vial 12 x 75mm round bottom sample tubes for general sample collection, storage and transport.

Thermo Scientific™ Screw Cap Septum Vials

For a convenient, versatile, and cost-effective vial and closure system, choose Thermo Scientific™ Screw Cap Septum Vials.

Thermo Scientific™ Capitol Vial 10mL and 12mL Threaded Transport Tubes with Pre-Assembled Screw-Caps

Choose pre-capped 10 mL and 12 mL threaded transport tubes for liquids, powders and product samples. They are fabricated from FDA-approved clarified polypropylene resin for visual clarity.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Serum Vials

Available as clear and amber vials

Fisherbrand™ 51 Expansion Short Style Glass Shell Vials without Closures

Short-style shell vials are ideal for storing dry products.