Electrical Equipment and Supplies

EISCO Safe D Battery Holder

The EISCO Safe D Battery Holder is the perfect piece of equipment to create power for simple circuits using 4mm banana plugs.

AC Voltage Detector Probe

Excellent for voltage tracing circuits.

EISCO Variable Battery Power Supply

The EISCO Variable Battery Power Supply is a great tool for studying electricity.

EMD Millipore Power Cord

For water purification systems


Make working electrical circuits instantly.

GSC Knife Switches

For lab or classroom experiments dealing with electricity and electricity experiments

Snap Circuits Sets

Create exciting experiments.

GSC AC-DC Ammeters

For numerous electrical experiments.

Nichrome (Chrome) Wire

Resists oxidation and really takes the heat.

1 Farad Capacitor

Explore how energy conservation works at the classroom level.

Enameled Magnet Wire

Use to construct electrical studies.

Multicore Solder

Solder by the spool.

Alligator Test Lead Set

Alligator Test Lead Set

EISCO Basic Circuits Kit

An inventive way to teach series-parallel circuits.

American Educational Products Spring Binding Knife Switches

Durable components for classroom use.

American Educational Products Knife Switches

These knife switches are great for classroom and laboratory experiments.

Wire Stripper

Quickly removes insulation without damaging wire.

EISCO Red 4mm Connecting Leads

The EISCO Red 4mm Connecting Leads (pk of 12) enables quick, temporary electrical connections.

American Educational Products Circuits Experiment Kit

Create circuits, predict results, and test predictions.

3B Scientific™ Coil with Five Turns

Secondary coil for creating high currents for spot welding.

Lamp Holders

Have posts or clips.

Economy Capacitance Substitution Box

Substitutes 24 different values of capacitors from 100pF to 0.1μF.

Bare Nichrome Wire

125g per reel.

Annunciator Wire

Plastic-covered wire used for signaling.