Autoclaving, Sterilization and Lab Washers

Heidolph™ CHAMBER BRITE Sterilizer Cleaner

Keeps sterilizer clean and free of water deposit buildup. Heidolph CHAMBER BRITE Sterilizer Cleaner is specially designed for steam sterilizers.

Heidolph™ Tuttnauer Automated Electronic Sterilizer Accessory, Printer Paper

For use with Automated Electronic Sterilizer, EP models

Fisherbrand™ M Series Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Outfit your lab with a fisherbrand M Series Ultrasonic Cleaner. This unit is designed with solid construction and excellent functionality for a variety of applications − including cell separation, sample preparation and degassing of liquids.

Propper Manufacturing Sterilization Autoclave Tape

Propper sterilization tape is designed to distinguish processed and unprocessed items

Thermo Scientific™ Biological Indicators, Incubator, and Pouches

Easy and inexpensive methods to monitor steam sterilizer effectiveness

Propper OK™ Steam Sterilization Monitor Strips

Preprinted standard reference color technology eliminates guesswork

Leica Microsystems Bacti-Cinerator™ IV Sterilizer DFS Item

Safely sterilizes loops and needles by infrared heat

Heidolph™ Tuttnauer™ Vertical Top-Loading Autoclave

Tuttnauer™ Vertical Top-Loading Autoclave provides automatic, microprocessor-controlled sterilization—safely and economically.

Propper Steri-Wrap™ I Sterilization Wraps

Propper Steri-Wrap™ I Sterilization Wraps features Penetrability for steam and/or ethylene oxide gas.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Clavies™ High-Temperature Autoclave Bags

Withstand high temperatures to reduce autoclave time

Branson Ultrasonics™ Bransonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaner Model B200

Compact and stylish, with convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation. Branson Ultrasonics Bransonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaner Model B200 designed to clean jewelry and optical pieces quickly and effectively with ultrasonic cleaning ability.

Fisherbrand™ Bacti-Loop™ Micro-Sterilizer

Complete sterilization in seconds without spatter

Heidolph™ 3870 ELVC Tuttnauer™ Vertical Autoclave

Top loading autoclaves with advanced microprocessor control panel and chamber made of 316Ti stainless steel

Fisherbrand™ SterilElite™ Tabletop Autoclaves

Combine compact design with high performance, reliability and safety

Branson Ultrasonics™ DHA-1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Effectively cleans larger parts, glassware, and apparatus. Branson Ultrasonics DHA-1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning System is ideal for cleaning larger circuit boards and plastic, glass, or metal objects.

Labconco™ Bulk Tube Insert

For FlaskScrubber™ and SteamScrubber™ glassware washers

Fisherbrand™ CPXH Series Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Outfit your lab with an industry classic. Fisher Scientific™ Ultrasonic Tabletop Cleaners offer rock-solid construction plus a hi-tech design and will provide you with years of reliable use.

BioTek™ Buffer Bottle Assembly for ELx50™ Microplate Strip Washer

Accessory for BioTek ELx50 microplate washer

Propper Steri-Wrap™ III Autoclavable Wraps

Ideal for a variety of uses including OR and CSR wrapping

Fisherbrand™ MH Series Mechanical Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

For solid construction and excellent functionality, outfit your lab with a Fisher Scientific™ MH Series Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Keener™ Autoclave Bag Elastic Closures

An alternative to wire tie closures

Labconco™ FlaskScrubber™ Vantage™ Glassware Washer Green Product

Ideal for college and university, government, pharmaceutical, and industrial labs or any facility utilizing reusable glassware, Labconco FlaskScrubber Vantage washers provide thorough, efficient, and economical cleaning that meets demanding laboratory standards