Supports et protections du dos

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 1650 Back Support

All elastic back support delivers firm, comfortable support

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 2000SF Back Support

Contoured V-shaped design hugs body for comfortable and natural fit

Impacto™ Back Coach Back Support

Impacto™ Back Coach Back support with suspenders support the lower back and abdominal area

Impacto™ Air Temp Advantage Back Support

Impacto™ Air Temp Advantage with pockets supports the lower back helping to alleviate pain and discomfort

Impacto™ Air Belt Air Plus Back Support

Impacto™ Air Belt Air Plus Lumbar support offer natural therapy to support the back and help alleviate pain and discomfort

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 1400 Universal Size Back Support Brace

Practical, adjustable lifting support for the lower back and abdomen

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 100 Economy Back Support

Economical with essential lower back and abdominal support

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 1051 Mesh Back Support

Breathable black mesh outer shell for a cool, comfortable fit