Classroom Glassware and Plasticware

PYREX™ Beaker Set

Five popular sizes in one set.

Fisherbrand™ Graduated Cylinders

Single metric scale in tough ceramic enamel.

United Scientific Supplies Beaker Mug

For use in general chemistry laboratories. United Scientific Supplies 400mL Beaker Mug is graduated

United Scientific Supplies Centrifuge Tubes

Identify your samples easily with these write-on tubes.

PYREX™ Heavy-Duty Griffin Beakers

Offer the best mechanical strength under harsh conditions, such as mechanized washing machines.

Eisco Test Tube with Cap 16 X 150mm, Approx. (6 in. Height)

These test tubes come with Bakelite screw cap and rubber liner. 16 X 150mm, Approx. (6 in. Height)

GSC Go Science Crazy Amber Bottles with Dropper Assembly

For storage and dispensing. GSC International Bottles with Dropper Assembly are made of glass.

PYREX™ Class A Volumetric Flask with PYREX™ Glass Standard Taper Stopper

Improved lab convenience, broad selection and precise volume measurement as well as being manufactured to Class A tolerances

PYREX™ Erlenmeyer Flask Set

Five popular sizes in one set.

Fisherbrand™ Graduated Conical-Bottom Tubes

Use in virtually any centrifuging application.

Eisco™ Graduated Cylinder, class “B” Borosilicate Glass, Hex. base with spout

The sturdy borosilicate glass graduated cylinder is ideal for measuring liquids. The graduation markings make it easy to read liquid levels and the spout allows for liquids to be poured from the vessel with little spillage.

PYREX™ Erlenmeyer Flasks

Heavy-duty rim and uniform wall thickness.

Eisco Amber Reagent Bottle with Screw Cap

High quality, borosilicate glass flask. Pouring ring for drip free pouring and clean, safe working.

American Educational Products Dropping Bottles

Store reagent solutions in these sturdy dropping bottles.

Eisco Bunsen Burner Hose

Connects burner to fuel source such as natural gas or liquid propane.

GSC Go Science Crazy Specimen Jars

For storage and dispensing specimens. GSC International Specimen Jars are made of glass for its optical qualities of light transmission and chemical resistance making them perfect for lab use.

PYREX™ Griffin Low Form Beaker

Offers optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. PYREX™ Griffin Low Form Beakers include a spout for pouring and an extra large marking spot.

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Graduated Cylinder Set

Set includes an assortment of the most popular sizes.

Eisco 50ml Graduated Cylinder; Borosilicate Glass 50ml w/ Guard and Detachable Hex Base

Borosilicate glass graduated cylinder included with plastic guard. Plastic detachable Hexagonal base. Capacity 50ml / 1ml graduations. Sold as an each

Eisco Polypropylene Beaker with Handle and Spout

These polypropylene graduated cylinders have a handle and spout, are made from a single piece and are autoclavable.

Fisher Science Education™ Polypropylene Beaker Set

Classroom set of polypropylene beakers.

Eisco Burettes - PTFE Key stopcock, Class 'B', Blue graduation

With straight bore interchangeable PTFE Key stopcock.

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Plastic Test Tubes

An economical alternative to glass.

Eisco Set of 7 Plastic Graduated Cylinders, Premium Polypropylene, Hexagonal Base, Raised Graduations

These polypropylene beakers have excellent optical clarity, very good chemical resistance, and are autoclavable. There are raised graduations and they have tapered spouts.

GSC Go Science Crazy Polypropylene Beaker Jug

Includes a handle and pour spout for ease of use. The GSC International Polypropylene Beaker Jug is graduated and available in several sizes.

Eisco 100ml Clear Reagent Bottle with Screw Cap and 10ml Graduations

Eisco Labs 100ml Clear Reagent Bottle with Screw Cap and 10 ml Graduations. High quality, borosilicate glass flask. Pouring ring for drip free pouring and clean.

Dynalon™ Plastic Beaker with Handle

Our handles make your handling of solutions easier and safer.