Sample Bags

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Standard Sample Bags

Whirl-Pak™ Standard Sample Bags feature puncture proof tabs for protection from damage due to wire-end protrusion and leak-proof closures. Ideal for sampling and product analysis in food and beverage, dairy, water, medical, veterinary, environmental, soil and industrial markets.

Nasco Sampling Whirl-Pak™ Easy-To-Close Bags

Features puncture proof tabs for protection from damage due to wire-end protrusion. Whirl-Pak™ Easy-To-Close Bags are ideal for sampling and product analysis.

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Sampling Bags with Flat-Wire Closures

An economical and efficient way to collect, contain and carry samples

Fisherbrand™ Bags with Round-Wire Closure

Secure, contaminant-free, pliant container ensures dependable analysis results

Labplas Filtra-Bag Blender Bags

Designed to simplify taking an aliquot when working with samples which contain large amounts of residue and/or semi-solid/solid substances. Labplas Filtra-Bag Blender Bags are constructed with a polyethylene outer shell that reduces the risk of piercing the bag wall during blending.

Fisherbrand™ Zipper Seal Sample Bags

Zipper-locking feature securely seals bags

Fisherbrand™ Low-Density Polyethylene Bags

Use as specimen, sample, and freezing bags, and for storing and shipping small items.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Stand-Up Sample Bags

Stand-Up Bags make it very easy to add material to the bag and to remove sample for testing or analysis. The flat bottom ensures stability and the wire tabs hold the top open for easy access.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Write-On Homogenizer Blender Filter Bags

Filter solids out of a sample when using a homogenizer blender. Whirl-Pak™ Sterile Filter Bags for Lab Blenders contain a finely perforated middle layer to filter solids. They feature puncture proof tabs that help form a leak free closure.

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Polyethylene Sample Bags

An economical and efficient way to collect, contain and carry samples

Whirl-pak™ Hydrated PolySponge™ Sampling Bag with Sampling Sponge

Makes environmental surface sampling faster and easier

Labplas Secure-T Sample Bags

Made to handle the most robust blending applications

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Giant-Size Sample Bags

Extra-large bags accommodates large samples and eliminates the need of reducing sample into smaller pieces.

Therapak™ 95kPa Compliant Transport Bags

For use as a secondary water-tight receptacle

Cytiva Whatman™ Plastic Zipper Seal Storage Bag

Zipper storage bag for 903 Protein Saver Cards

Fisherbrand™ Heavy-Paper Lined Sample Bags

Ideal for collection, shipment or storage of grain, seed, soil, or food samples

Minigrip™ Reclosable White Specimen Bags

Reclosable zipper lock bags

RD Plastics Color Coded Ziplock Biohazard Specimen Bags

Color-coded 6 x 9 in. bags for easy identification. Available in green, red, pink or purple.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Write-On Scoop Sample Bag

Sterile scoop already contained inside the bag eliminates the need to carry two items to collect a sample and minimizes contamination.

Fisherbrand™ Opaque Sterile Sampling Bag

Ideal for photosensitive sampling applications

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Sampling Bags with Flat-Wire Closures

An economical and efficient way to collect, contain and carry samples

Ampac™ KeepSafe™ Clear Tamper-Evident Evidence Bags

Feature a high level tamper-evident closure to prevent evidence from being compromised. KeepSafe™ Clear Tamper-Evident Evidence Bags support good chain-of-custody procedures. They come pre-printed with information required for proper evidence submission.

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Thio-Bag™ PE Bags for Chlorinated Water Sampling

Ideal for sampling potable water, swimming pool water, effluents and industrial wastes

Bel-Art™ Polyethylene Utility Bags

Reusable, transparent bags are well-suited for shipping or storage and are especially useful as sample bags

Minigrip™ 2 MIL Plain ZIPPIT™ Reclosable Zipper Bags with White Block

Writable white block area for consent description

Seward™ Stomacher™ Lab Blenders Bags and Opener

The Stomacher™ Bag range has been designed to fulfil all applications from sample blending, straining and storage, including bags designed for extensive blending and small samples for life science applications.

Ampac™ Flexibles SealPAK Heavy-Duty Pouches

Ideal for applications requiring long-term storage, sharper objects, or solutions of formaldehyde, acids, alkalies, greases, oils and organic solvents

Nasco Whirl-Pak™ Speci-Sponge™ Environmental Surface Sampling Bags

Convenient sterile absorbent sponge sampler in a sterile Whirl-Pak bag.

Ampac™ Evidence Collection Bag

Breathable Ultra Tamper-Evident Evidence Bag

Minigrip™ Lab Guard™ Specimen Bags

Protect from inadvertent exposure to leakage and contamination