Temperature Indicator Tapes

Liquid Crystal Strip Thermometer

Disposable, noninvasive method for measuring body temperature.

Propper™ Autoclave Indicator Tape

Easily distinguish between processed and unprocessed items

Fisherbrand™ White Autoclave Tapes

For steam sterilization

Biosynergy TempTrend™ Temperature Trend Indicators

Can be attached to all types of urine specimen containers

Propper White Autoclave Indicator Tape

Color change eliminates the guesswork

Biosynergy HemoTemp™ Reversible Blood Temperature Indicator

Shows the internal temperature of blood bags under ambient conditions

Propper StrateLine Autoclave Tape

Indicates status of sterlization jobs

Biosynergy LabTemp™ 40 Surface Temperature Indicators

Instant and continuous monitoring of temperatures between 19° to 21°C and 24° to 41°C

Biosynergy StaFreez™ Irreversible Freeze-Thaw Indicator

Irreversible indication of whether or not unstable frozen biological materials have been thawed