Tapes and Labels

Fisherbrand™ Colored Label Tapes

Strong, durable, waterproof and oil and acid resistant.

Argos Technologies Micryo Label Rolls

Made from chemically inert polyester

Argos Technologies Micryo Labels for Laser Printers

Made from chemically inert polyester

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Write-On™ Label Tape Dispensers

Dispenser provides smooth writing surface, making labeling easy and fast

“Crime Scene Do Not Cross” Barrier Tape

Helps secure the integrity of a crime scene.

ChemAlert™ Labeling Kit

Replace labels that are no longer readable, falling off or labeled insufficiently.

Dynalon™ Labware Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape

Improve sterilization processes with temperature indicators. The Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape changes color to indicate products have attained temperatures for dry heat sterilization.

Crime Scene Walkway Tape

Helps avoid contamination of the crime scene area.

Fisher Science Education™ Hazard Identification Labels

Add vital hazard information to small chemical bottles and containers.

Fisher Scientific™ Lab Label Tape

Available in multiple colors

Brady™ Solid Color Banding Tape

Provide 360° visibility to improve safety and operational efficiency

Brady™ LABXPERT™ FreezerBondz Labels

For Brady TLS 2200 and PC Link Printers

Brady™ Polyester Labels for Thermal Transfer Printers

For barcoding and identification purposes

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Labels with Overlaminate

Create custom-printed floor labels quickly and easily

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Fluo-Kem™ Lab-Thread Tape

Conforming to irregularities of surfaces, threads and joints of all types, it eliminates the need for lubricants and vacuum greases

Brady™ B-7569 Pre-Printed GHS/CLP Chemical Labels

Designed with vinyl film that withstands exposure to moisture, chemicals and handling

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Labels for Protective Labeling Tape System

Labels for use with Bel Art Scienceware Protective Labeling Tape System (cat. no. 1186750)

Brady™ Freezerbondz Polyester Labels

Printable labels for thermal transfer printers

Brady™ Directional Flow Arrow Tape

Provides 360° visibility to the directional flow of the pipe's contents

Brady™ GlobalMark™ Polyester Tapes

Durable outdoor-grade polyester with permanent adhesive.