Photodocumentation Systems

Aushon CiraScan™ Imaging and Analysis System DFS Item

Complete system includes an improved CCD imager with custom optics designed specifically for quantitative chemiluminescent protein arrays

Spectroline™ Ultraviolet Viewing Cabinets

Designed for viewing electrophoresis gels and TLC plates

Edvotek™ White Light Box

Safely enhance the visualization of DNA stained with FlashBlue™, proteins stained with Coomassie Blue and autoradiograms with the Edvotek White Light Box.

Axygen™ Gel Documentation Systems

Easily capture publication quality, 16 bit TIFF images

Invitrogen™ iBright™ FL1500 Imaging System DFS Item

Capture images and analyze data from western blots and gels efficiently and easily with the Invitrogen iBright FL1500 Imaging System.

Invitrogen™ iBright CL750 Imaging System DFS Item

Capture images and analyze data efficiently and easily with the Invitrogen iBright CL750 Imaging System.

UVP Mini Chromato-Vue™ Viewing Cabinets

Provides a compact darkroom environment for viewing materials. UVP™ Mini Chromato-Vue™ Viewing Cabinets include a contrast control filter that absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes.

UVP Colony Doc-It™ Imaging Station

Visualize white light and fluorescent colonies

UVP Mitsubishi™ Printer: Paper

Thermal paper for UVP BioDoc-It™ and VisiDoc-It™ Systems and DigiDoc-It™, MultiDoc-It™ and ChromaDoc-It™ systems

UVP Mitsubishi™ Printer

Thermal Printer for UVP BioDoc-It™ and VisiDoc-It™ Systems and DigiDoc-It™, MultiDoc-It™ and ChromaDoc-It™ systems

UVP ChromaDoc-It™ TLC Imaging System

System with 5.1 megapixel digital color camera, viewing cabinet with overhead UV for TLC color documentation and imaging

Aushon Chemiluminescent iMac™ with Microsoft™ Office and PROArray™ Software DFS Item

For use with the Aushon Cirascan Imaging and Analysis System

UVP DigiDoc-It™ Imaging Systems

Economical gel imaging systems with digital color camera, compact hood, high-performance transilluminator, capture software and sample viewer, captures high quality gel images

Analytik Jena US UVP GelStudio PLUS and UVP GelStudio PLUS Touch

Analytik Jena US UVP GelStudio PLUS Imaging Systems include a high-performance 5MP imaging camera with wide aperture lens. Built to image DNA gels, protein gels, blue/white gels, plants, colorimetrics, and colony plates.

Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ Power Snap Camera DFS Item

Camera designed for quick and effortless E-Gel™ agarose gel image capture and documentation when used with E-Gel™ Power Snap Electrophoresis Device.

Axygen™ Gel Documentation System Accessory, UV Transmitting Tray

For use with Gel Documentation System (GD-1000)

Axygen™ Gel Documentation System Accessory, White Light Conversion Screen

For use with Gel Documentation Systems (GD-1000 and GDBL-1000)

Analytik Jena™ UVP iBox Studio

High quality images and advanced analysis software make this system ideal for labs just starting in vivo applications or in need of a fluorescent in vivo imaging system.

Analytik Jena US UVP ChemStudio PLUS and UVP ChemStudio PLUS Touch 815

Analytik Jena US UVP ChemStudio PLUS and ChemStudio PLUS Touch 815 is for use in laboratories performing genomic and proteomic applications. High-performace 8.1MP camera for high sensitivity imaging of Western blots, fluorescent Westerns, immunoblots, protein blots, DNA gels, protein gels.

UVP LED White Light Plate for UVP Imagers

For colorimetric imaging in the darkroom via uniform, backlit white light

UVP iBox™ Explorer™2 Imaging Microscope

Macroscopic to microscopic scale invivo imaging with deeper interrogation of fluorescent signal in real time

Analytik Jena™ UVP ChemStudio PLUS

UVP ChemStudio PLUS offers a large imaging platform with a small footprint which allows for high quality imaging and analysis with its advanced CCD camera and VisionWorks software. Ideal for chemiluminescence and western blot applications.

Analytik Jena US NIR Excitation Laser Modules

Analytik Jena US NIR Excitation Laser Modules are for use with UVP ChemStudio series

Invitrogen™ Thermal Printer for iBright Imaging Systems DFS Item

This high-speed and compact thermal printer is plug-and-play and connects directly to an iBright Imaging System.

UVP Large Chromato-Vue™ Viewing Cabinets

Cabinets designed for long life and rugged use in a wide range of applications

UVP PhotoDoc-It™ Imaging Systems

Economical and compact photodocumentation systems capture color images for basic gel documentation

Analytik Jena UVP iBox Scientia

UVP iBox Scientia detects fluorescent probes in ultra violet to visible to near infrared (NIR) wavelength ranges for in vivo/small animal imaging. 3.2 MP extendable to 9.6 MP CCD camera.

UVP MultiDoc-It™ Imaging Systems

Combines digital color camera, darkroom enclosure and transilluminator for digital imaging of gels, plates, and membranes in multiple-user laboratories

Aushon Cirasoft™ Analyst Software DFS Item

Offers the flexibility to analyze both small and large protein arrays