Burners and Lighters

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Alcohol Burner

Ideal for microscopy applications

Butane Micro Burner Accessories: Butane Fuel

Butane fuel for butane micro burner.

Fisherbrand™ Brass Alcohol Burner

Polished metal alcohol burner is much safer than glass burners.

United Scientific Supplies Gas Lighter

Hooded lighter is safe and economical.

Humboldt Straight Tube Bunsen Burner

Noiseless burners allow separate control of both flame temperature and flame height

EISCO Connecting Hose for Bunsen Burner

Features neoprene tubing

MAX-850 Portable Bunsen Burner

Built-in fuel chamber can be refilled with standard butane canister.

GC Fuller Gas Lighters

Light instantly and safely.

Refillable Multipurpose Butane Lighter

With one pull of the trigger, the piezoelectric ignition of this butane gas lighter will give you a reliable flame every time.

Eisco Simple Bunsen Burner

Choice of LPG or natural gas burner.

Self-Contained LPG Burner Butane Fuel

Additional butane fuel canister for self-contained LPG burner.

Fisherbrand™ Wicks for Alcohol Burners

For use with alcohol burner.

Butane Micro Burner

A safe alternative to alcohol burners.

GC Fuller Gas Lighters FSE: Renewal Tips

Light instantly and safely.

EISCO Bunsen Burners, Basic

Prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected.

GSC Go Science Crazy Alcohol Burner with Dual Wicks

A great addition to any lab in which a small burner is needed. Made of durable metal to prevent breakage. The GSC Alcohol Burner with Dual Wicks is an all metal, permanent wick alcohol burner with a capacity 100ml tank. The wick portion is a ceramic fiber inserted into a thin copper tube. This construction allows for constant flame. The burner is fueled by high quality alcohol which can be found in most local hardware stores.

Argos Technologies FireStar™ XT Bunsen Burners

Can be operated with touch-free IR sensor, footswitch or using the on/off button

Lab Micro Burner

No need for lighter, wicks, matches or gas line.

EISCO Tirrill Bunsen Burner with Gas Control

Tirrill burners allow greater flexibility in the adjustment of the air-gas mixture

EISCO Burner Bunsen Meker: High Temperature

Ideal for lab work requiring a hotter flame than that attainable with a bunsen burner.

Self-Contained LPG Burner

Handy where natural gas is not available.

Supertek Scientific Wickless Alcohol Burners

Safe alternative to conventional alcohol burners

EISCO Bunsen Burners with Flame Stabilizer

Expanded base prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected.

Meker-Type Burners

Provide extremely hot flame.

Fisherbrand™ Wooden Safety Matches

Use in a variety of applications

Eisco Alcohol Lamp DFS Item

Polyhedral with metal cap

Fisherbrand™ accuFlame™ Natural Gas Burner

Stainless-steel grid top for better flame adjustment