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Fisher Scientific provides an extensive range of high-quality pipets and pipette tips as well as a large collection of hypodermic needles and glass or plastic syringes — all manufactured for optimal performance in your research. Our products are sourced from industry-leading providers, including BD Biosciences, Kimble, Corning and more.

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Pipets and Pipette Tips for Your Research

The Fisher Scientific range of pipets and pipetting devices includes everything from basic disposable pipets and graduated, adjustable pasteur pipets to glass volumetric and serological pipets for precise measurement as well as single- and multi-channel pipettes in manual and electronic variations. Our wide range of pipettes and tip systems is sourced from leading brands, including Eppendorf, Corning, Gilson, Sartorius and more.

We also offer a broad range of brand-specific pipette tips to ensure accuracy and performance, plus an extensive collection of universal pipette tips that fit any pipette across all your applications. For specific needs, we also have a variety of sterile, micropipette, and filter tips for you to choose from.

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Air-Tight Seals

Fisher Scientific offers a range of syringes — including sterile syringes with and without needles as well as disposable syringes for oral administration and reusable insulin syringes — all from established brands like Wheaton and Gilson.

Our syringes are available with a variety of tip designs for use with different locks, including luer locks. We also offer simple slip-tip syringes designed to create an air-tight seal, as well as eccentric-tip syringes with and without needles for extracting or injecting fluid.

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For General and Specific Use

The Fisher Scientific collection of hypodermic needles includes a variety of gauges and bevels. We offer everything from basic needles for intravenous injections to spinal needles for spinal anesthesia and sampling cerebrospinal fluid.

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