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Corning Has Acquired BD Discovery Labware Products

In October 2012, Corning™ acquired the majority of Becton, Dickinson and Company's (BD) Discovery Labware business. The acquisition adds new plastic consumable labware brands (for liquid handling and cell culture), biologically coated plastic consumable labware, cell culture reagents and ADME research products and services to Corning's existing product portfolio.

The brands acquired include:

BioCoat™, Cell-Tak™, Express™, FluoroBlok™, Falcon, Gentest™, Matrigel, Nu-Serum™, Optilex™, Primaria™, PureCoat™, Supersomes™, UltraPool™.

These new brands and products, together with Corning's existing lines, provide our customers a much wider choice of innovative vessels, surfaces, media and reagents for their specific applications.

Corning is excited by the future opportunities to combine Discovery Labware's expertise in biological cell culture coatings and ADME products with our innovative vessels, synthetic cell culture surfaces, cell scale-up solutions and media.

Acquired Products Remain the Same

Although Corning did not acquire the BD brand name, the product brand names (Falcon, BioCoat, Matrigel, etc.) will still be available to you and catalog numbers will remain the same. Continue to purchase both your Corning and Discovery Labware products through Fisher Scientific as usual.

MAXYMum Recovery Products

Axygen's MAXYMum Recovery products do not inhibit DNA, protein, enzyme or peptide sames from sticking to their wall surface and, as a result, virtually eliminate sample denaturation.

These products include pipet tips, robotic tips that compatible with popular automated liquid handling systems, PCR tubes and strips, microtubes, and high throughput screening (HTS) consumables. Also available for the filtered product lines are filter barrier pipet tips and filter barrier robotic tips.