Impacto™ Protective Elbow Pad

Impacto™ 806-20 Elbow protector padded protect from cumulative trauma such as bruising

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 4020 Wrist Supports

Limit downward wrist movement during repetitive work

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 1051 Mesh Back Support

Breathable black mesh outer shell for a cool, comfortable fit

Impacto™ Air Belt Air Plus Back Support

Impacto™ Air Belt Air Plus Lumbar support offer natural therapy to support the back and help alleviate pain and discomfort

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ Hard-Cap Knee Pads

Provide support and protect against the shock, impact and abrasion that comes with on-the-job kneeling

Impacto™ Wrist support with fingerless glove

Impacto™ 705-20 Fingerless Nylon glove with adjustable wrist support to prevent from RSI

Impacto™ Back Coach Back Support

Impacto™ Back Coach Back support with suspenders support the lower back and abdominal area

Impacto™ Airsol Anti-Fatigue Flat Insoles

Impacto™ AIRSOL ASFLAT Anti-fatigue insoles provide full foot comfort and cushioning with low cut and dress shoes

Impacto™ Cush'N Step Anti-Fatigue Flat Insoles

Impacto™ Cush'N Step CUSHFLAT Anti-fatigue insoles provide full foot comfort and cushioning with low cut and dress shoes

Impacto™ Airsol Anti-Fatigue Molded Insoles

Impacto™ AIRSOL Antifatigue Insoles provides relief from fatigue for long term walking or standing on cold, hard surfaces

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 4000/4010 Wrist Supports

Flexible support that doesn't compromise productivity

Impacto™ Air Temp Advantage Back Support

Impacto™ Air Temp Advantage with pockets supports the lower back helping to alleviate pain and discomfort

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 2000SF Back Support

Contoured V-shaped design hugs body for comfortable and natural fit

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 1650 Back Support

All elastic back support delivers firm, comfortable support

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 100 Economy Back Support

Economical with essential lower back and abdominal support

Impacto™ VEP Soft padded Knee Pads

Impacto™ 803-10 VEP padded soft Kneepads provides protection from cumulative trauma

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 400 Universal Wrist Wrap

Provide wrist support for a variety of applications

Ergodyne™ ProFlex™ 500 Elbow Support

Ideal for jobs requiring repetitive arm motions