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Invitrogen TOPO™ XL-2 Complete PCR Cloning Kit, with One Shot™ OmniMAX™2 T1R Chemically Competent E. coli DFS Item

Provides all the necessary elements for efficient cloning of extra-long PCR products (up to 13 kb)

Manufacturer: invitrogen  LSK805010

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Box 1:

  • pCR XL-2-TOPO vector
  • Salt Solution
  • T3 Primer
  • T7 Primer
  • XL Control PCR Template
  • XL Control PCR Primers
  • Platinum SuperFi Green PCR Master Mix
  • SuperFi GC Enhancer
  • Nuclease-free water
Box 2:
  • Gel Solubilization Buffer (L3)
  • Binding Buffer (B2)
  • Wash Buffer (W1)
  • Elution Buffer (E1)
  • PureLink Clean-up Spin Columns (in Wash Tubes)
  • PureLink Recovery/Elution Tubes
Box 3:
  • One Shot OmniMAX 2 T1R chemically competent E. coli
  • S.O.C. Medium
  • pUC 19 Control DNA


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Catalog No. K805010

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Description & Specifications


Vector TOPO Cloning Vectors
No. of Reactions 10
Storage Requirements Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet or Dry Ice
Bacterial Content OmniMAX2; Antibiotic resistance: Ampicillin (AmpR), Kanamycin (KanR)
Product Type Cloning Kit

The kit uses the linearized and topoisomerase 1-activated pCR™-XL-2-TOPO vector, which is compatible with the cloning of blunt-end PCR fragments.  Amplification of long PCR fragments is enabled by Platinum™SuperFi™ Green PCR Master Mix, which is included in the kit.  Topoisomerase I activation of the vector allows PCR products to be ligated in just 5 minutes on your bench–top, resulting in high cloning efficiency (up to 90% positive recombinants with 10 kb fragments).

The pCR-XL-2-TOPO vector includes:

  • ccdB gene for positive selection
  • EcoR I site flanking the PCR product insertion site for easy excision of inserts
  • Ampicillin- and kanamycin-resistance genes for your choice of selection in E. coli
  • T7 promoter/priming site for in vitro RNA transcription and sequencing
  • T7, T3, and M13 forward and reverse primer sites for sequencing
The TOPO XL-2 Complete PCR Cloning Kit includes:
  • TOPO XL-2 PCR Cloning Kits containing the pCR-XL-2-TOPO vector
  • Platinum SuperFi Green PCR Master Mix—featuring a proofreading DNA polymerase (>100X fidelity compared to Taq) with high processivity and a density gradient to generate accurate, long PCR amplicons ready to load onto an agarose gel for gel extraction
  • PureLink™ Quick Gel Extraction and PCR Purification Combo Kit—designed to purify DNA fragments from agarose gels or direct PCR purification using a silica-based spin cartridge in < 30 minutes
  • One Shot™ OmniMAX™ 2 T1R Chemically Competent E. coli Cells—an improved chemically competent cell line, perfect for use in all cloning applications.