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Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus Electronic Multichannel Pipettes

Streamline repetitive 96- and 384-microplate pipetting with ergonomic comfort.

$2,164.64 - $2,960.47


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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Compatible Tips Color Code Number of Channels Volume (Metric) Range Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Compatible Tips Color Code Number of Channels Volume (Metric) Range Price Quantity  
14-386-01 Accessories Thermo Scientific™
Flex 10, 10, 20 micro, 50 micro Pink 8 1 to 10µL Each for $2,164.64
14-386-04 Accessories Thermo Scientific™
Flex 10, 10, 20 micro, 50 micro Pink 12 1 to 10µL Each for $2,469.44
14-386-02 Accessories Thermo Scientific™
Flex 200, 200 Ext. 250 Yellow 8 5 to 50µL Each for $2,164.64
14-386-05 Accessories Thermo Scientific™
Flex 200, 200 Ext. 250 Yellow 12 5 to 50µL Each for $2,469.44
14-386-03 Accessories Thermo Scientific™
Flex 300, 300 Orange 8 30 to 300µL Each for $2,164.64
14-386-06 Accessories Thermo Scientific™
Flex 300, 300 Orange 12 30 to 300µL Each for $2,469.44
14-386-07 Thermo Scientific™
50 Turquoise 16 5 to 50µL Each for $2,960.47
21-377-845 Thermo Scientific™
Flex 1200 Turquoise 8 100 to 1200µL Each for $2,293.74


Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus Multichannel Electronic Pipettes feature a wide range of models for common laboratory tasks, such as repetitive dispensing into 96- and 384-microplates. The lightweight handle and unique index-finger operation are designed to prevent muscle stress and strain, and enable longer work periods without fatigue. Simplicity, comfort and functionality—the Novus will be your new best friend in the lab.

  • Easy to read and intuitive menu navigation
  • Multilingual user interface options
  • Ten pipetting options include forward, reverse, diluting, stepper pipetting, mixing, sequential stepping, and more
  • Nine aspirate/dispense speeds 
  • Save up to 9 programs with your most common protocols
  • Eight multichannel versions, including a 16-channel for 384-well microplate applications, with color coding by volume for easy recognition
  • Full size backlit screen eliminates surrounding light reflections and improves contrast in low-light conditions
  • Quick in-lab calibration for accuracy and precision
  • Fully autoclavable tip cone ensures sterility and avoids cross-contamination
  • Long-life battery allows approximately 4000 pipetting operations; recharged in about one hour

Ergonomic Design

  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Trigger-action pipetting—index finger controls dispensing with just a soft press of a button
  • 120° Adjustable finger rest for balance and comfort
  • Soft-touch tip ejection minimizes thumb strain; can be operated by either hand
Compatible with:
Ideal for use with Thermo Scientific Finntip™ Flex or Finntip pipette tips.

Finnpipette Novus, Universal charger, piston removal tool, instructions for use, and calibration certificate

Warranty: 2 years with web registration