Insulated Containers

Thermo Scientific™ Mr. Frosty™ Freezing Container

Freeze cells in tubes from 1 to 5 mL using this quick-freeze container designed to achieve a rate of cooling very close to -1°C/minute.

Fisher BioReagents™ Cool Pak™ 2 Microtube and PCR Tube Cooler

Protects enzymes and other temperature-sensitive samples from degradation while working on the laboratory bench. Fisher BioReagents™ Cool Pak™ 2 Microtube and PCR Tube Cooler provides temporary cold storage by eliminating the need for messy ice buckets and activates overnight in freezer.

BrandTech™ BRAND™ PCR Mini Cooler

Helps protect samples from warming. PCR Mini Cooler maintains 4°C temperature for approximately 3 hours and changes color from violet to pink when temperature reaches 7°C. Suitable for 0.2mL tubes, strips and plates. Transparent lid included.

Thermo Scientific™ Benchtop Coolers

Protect enzymes, cells, reagents and solutions by maintaining freezer temperatures while on the laboratory bench using benchtop coolers.

Bel-Art™ ProCulture Mini Cryocooler (-15°C)

Benchtop-sized coolers for microcentrifuge tubes or cryogenic vials.

BrandTech™ BRAND™ Centrifuge Tube Mini-Cooler

Designed to protect a wide range of solutions (enzymes, DNA, RNA, cell suspensions) by helping to maintain freezer temperatures on the lab bench.

Pelican™ ProGear™ Elite Coolers

Reinforced corners and thick walls insulate better for longer ice retention while protecting from impact

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Cryo-Safe™ Mini Quick-Freeze Microcentrifuge Tube Cooler

Portable unit rapidly and repeatedly chills samples for molecular biology

Therapak™ EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Insulated Shipper

Therapak™ EPS Insulated Shipper for refrigerated and frozen specimen shipments.

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe Insulated Storage and Transport Chests

Dry ice storage chests provide mobile, non-electrical low-temperature maintenance for a wide variety of laboratory and field applications. Ideal for dry ice or wet ice storage, hot storage, or field collection.

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe Nylon Carriers

Lightweight, nylon clad, durable units ideal for on-site collection, storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive specimens, medications, blood products, medical devices, and organs

Fisherbrand™ Ice Buckets

Ideal for use with dry ice, water ice and salt solutions.

Fisherbrand™ Lab Grade Cylindrical Dewar Flasks with Plastic Mesh Casing

Boroscilicate glass with silvered double walls and mesh casing for better grip

Eppendorf™ IsoTherm Systems: IsoPack + IsoRack Packages

Protect temperature-sensitive biochemical and microbiological samples while working at the lab bench

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Cryo-Safe™ Cold Box

Maintains the low temperature required for safely storing and transporting enzymes and other critical samples

Bel-Art™ Magic Touch™ Insulated Lab Pans

Keep temperature sensitive samples in an optimal environment. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Magic Touch™ Insulated Lab Pans are the lightest icewares on the market.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Magic Touch™ Iceware Ice Buckets

Lightweight ice buckets have excellent insulating properties for keeping temperature sensitive samples in an optimal environment

Fisherbrand™ EVA Foam Ice Pans and Buckets with Lids

Fisherbrand™EVA Foam Ice Pans and Buckets with Lids provide excellent insulation for any benchtop cryogenic application, without the mess!

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe Laminated Fiberboard Storage/Transport Units

Lightweight, low-cost mobile storage units. For transport of a wide variety of laboratory, field collection, and field applications. Ideal for dry ice or wet ice storage.

Bel-Art™ ProCulture -1°C Freeze Controller

Easy-to-use unit provides “controlled rate” freezing samples at approximately -1°C per minute, which is needed to prevent lethal intracellular freezing and successful cryopreservation.

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Midi Cold Box

Convenient mid-sized benchtop cooler for all temperature sensitive reagents

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe™ GREENBOX™ Thermal Management Systems: CRT (15° to 30°C)

GREENBOX is a sustainable packaging, designed for the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive products

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe™ Durable Insulated Upright and Chest Style Containers

Maintains product quality for your temperature-sensitive products and critical low-temperatures for laboratory-specific materials

Fisherbrand™ Low Form Hemispherical Dewar Flask with Aluminum Housing

Hemispherical base extends up to top of flask for added protection

Sonoco™ ThermoSafe™ High Performance Polyurethane Containers

Protects highly temperature sensitive shipments from moderate and extreme ambient temperature exposure.

Fisherbrand™ Low Form Cylindrical Dewar Flask with Aluminum Housing

Curved bottom helps to increase coolant capacity

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Mini Cold Box

Versatile mini benchtop cooler for temperature sensitive reagents

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Cold Box

Convenient benchtop cooler for optimal enzyme stability

Fisherbrand™ Lab Grade Cylindrical Dewar Flask with Aluminum Housing and Handle

Boroscilicate glass with silvered double walls and a convenient handle