Spectrophotometers, Refractometers and Benchtop Instruments

PYREX™ Accelerated One-Step™ Extractor/Concentrator Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Accelerated One-Step Extractor/Concentrator Systems

Alfa Aesar™ Disposable IR Cards, 5x10cm, KCl window, 9.5mm aperture

Provide a conveniently mounted, non-absorbing substrate for qualitative infrared analysis.

PYREX™ Replacement Extractor Cup

For use with PYREX Accelerated One-Step™ Extractor-Concentrator system

PYREX™ Distilling Adapter Tube with Side Arm and standard taper Joints

Adapter with standard taper 24/40 outer joint at top and standard taper 24/40 inner joint at bottom

Fisher Science Education™ Junior Barometer

Features a plastic case, dual-scale black markings, white dial and a movable pointer to observe direction and amount of change as it occurs.

Texas Instruments™ TI-84 Plus and Plus Silver Calculators

Preloaded with interactive geometry software and more.

CBS Scientific Horizontal Mini-Gel Productivity Packages

Allows casting second gel while first is running for increased efficiency.

Food Calorimeter Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Food Calorimeter.

H-B Instrument™ Durac™ Specific Gravity/Relative Density (g/cm3) Hydrometer Set with EnviroSafe Thermometer

Set consists of eight specific gravity/relative density plain form hydrometers and one total immersion thermometer to reference liquid temperature for accurate hydrometer readings.

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast™ AQ4000 Colorimeter and Accessories

Measure common water and wastewater parameters using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast AQ4000 Colorimeter with 65 preprogrammed methods and Auto-Test ampoule compatibility

PYREX™ Vacuum-Type Distillation Traps

Separable, with standard taper joints

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast™ IV Chemistry Reagents

Use Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast Auto-Test Ampoule Reagents with the Orion™ AQUAfast AQ4000 colorimeter to simplify sample preparation and testing with Auto-ID bar-coding

PYREX™ Soxhlet Apparatus Allihn Condenser Extraction Tube

Bulb in siphon tube near the top of tube facilitates cycling of the siphoning action

Texas Instruments™ EZ-Spot Teacher Packs

Help reduce theft of school-owned graphing calculators.

Alfa Aesar™ Disposable IR Cards, 5x10cm, KBr window, 19mm aperture

Provide a conveniently mounted, non-absorbing substrate for qualitative infrared analysis.

Axygen™ EasyPress Sealing Mat and Film Applicator

Provides simple and effective application of Axymats and ImpermaMats

Axygen™ Replacement Electrodes for 7cm Gel Box

Accessory for use with 7cm horizontal gel box

Axygen™ PlateMax™ Semi-Automated Plate Sealer Accessory, Heat Sealing Films

Designed for applications ranging from PCR and Real-Time PCR to ELISA and cell culture

Edvotek™ Predigested DNA

Predigested DNA for classroom studies

Texas Instruments™ TI-15 Calculator — Teacher Pack

Constant operations with counters help build tables.

H-B Instrument™ Durac™ Specific Gravity/Relative Density (g/cm3) Plain Form Hydrometers: for Liquids Lighter Than Water

Available in a variety of models measuring specific gravity/relative density (g/cm3) of liquids lighter than water in various ranges from 0.600 to 1.000.

H-B Instrument™ Wireless Weather Station

Become an amateur meteorologist with these all-in-one wireless stations.

Fisherbrand™ Hand Tally Counter

Ideal for hundreds of lab applications, including counting blood samples, taking surveys, laboratory inventory, counting total drops of liquid, receiving lab samples and tallying biomedical events.

Texas Instruments™ TI-36X Pro Solar Calculator

Ideal for high school through college courses including Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus and Biology, as well as curricula in which graphing technology is not permitted.