Choosing the right antibody from hundreds of options can be a challenge. Whether you’re performing ELISA or flow cytometry, using western blot methods to identify your target choice, or multiplexing, you’ll find the right antibody in our monoclonal and polyclonal collection. Find primary antibodies and secondary antibodies, dyes, isotope and non-specific controls, and proteins and peptides.

You’ll also find collections of ELISA and Western Blotting products from Invitrogen and MilliporeSigma, as well as Antibody Production and Purification products for your molecular research and analysis.


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Put the Most Reput(Ab)le Antibodies to Work

MilliporeSigma scientists identify and focus on the most relevant and difficult targets to develop the most specific, high-quality antibodies for each modification. And every antibody is backed by their 100% Antibody Performance Guarantee.

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Alexa Fluor Technology for Superior Visibility

Invitrogen Molecular Probes Alexa Fluor Secondary Antibodies help you get accurate results without cross-reactivity concerns. Alexa Fluor dyes have set the standard for brightness and photostability, and have been cited in over 30,000 peer-reviewed papers. Trust your results — shop Alexa Fluor.

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Custom Antibodies

How to Order Custom Antibodies

For complete details on the full range of custom antibody services and capabilities available through Thermo Scientific Pierce products, please contact your Fisher Scientific sales representative. Prior to contacting your representative, download and complete the appropriate inquiry form.

Custom Antibody Services

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Custom Antibody and Biomarker Development Service leverages more than 10 years of experience in making over 16,000 antibodies to peptides and recombinant proteins to generate the highest utility antibodies. Antibodies are designed and made specifically to perform in your assays through advanced antigen design with Antigen Profiler™ Software and Targeted Antigen Display™ Conjugation. Complete online project tracking also is available for convenient and superior customer support.

See what a completely integrated antibody provider with more experience can do for you.

 Recombinant Protein PolyclonalAnti-Peptide PolyclonalMonospecific PolyclonalPhosphospecific PolyclonalAnti-Peptide MonoclonalRecombinant Protein Monoclonal
Advanced Antigen Design w/ Antigen ProfilerXXXXXX
Peptide SynthesisN/AXXXXN/A
Depleting Peptide or Control PeptideN/AN/AXXOptionalN/A
Protein ExpressionOptionalN/AN/AN/AN/AX
Animal Immunization ProtocolXXXXXX
Affinity Purification & DeletionOptionalOptionalXXN/AN/A
Fusions & CloningN/AN/AN/AN/AXX
Monoclonal Production & PurificationN/AN/AN/AN/AOptionalOptional
Complete Online Project TrackingXXXXXX


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