Controlled Environments and Cleanroom

Puritan™ Polyester-Tipped Applicators

Ideal for specimen collection, testing and screening

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ AlphaAir™ Face Masks, ASTM Level 3

Provide outstanding particle filtration to 0.1micron. Constructed of naturally fluid-resistant materials with aluminum nosepiece. Soft knit latex-free earloops are four-sided ultrasonically welded to the mask.

Puritan™ Cotton-Tipped Applicators

For specimen collection, testing and screening

Texwipe™ TechniCloth™ II Blended Wipers

For ISO Class 6 and 7 applications

Decon™ CiDehol™ 70 Isopropyl Alcohol Solution

Ready-to-use 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

Kimberly-Clark™ Kimtech™ M3 Pleated-style Face Mask with Earloops

Knitted Ear Loops are a smart piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for your ISO Class 3 and higher cleanroom environment.

Texwipe™ CleanTip™ Swabs: Foam Series

Certified to be silicone-free

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech Pure™ W4 Wipers

For ISO Class 4 and higher applications

Qiagen OmniSwab™

Designed specifically for buccal cell and saliva collection. Whatman™ Omni Swabs are manufactured with an absorbent material that increases buccal cell concentrations to give high quality results.

Fisherbrand™ PurSwab Foam Swabs

Flexible foam applicators. Tip is comprised of an open-cell polyurethane foam. Ideal for a variety of cleaning applications.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech™ A7 Certified Liquid Barrier Gowns

Delivers stringent barrier protection for people and superior contamination control for your facility.

Puritan™ Cotton-Tipped Plastic-Shaft Sterile Applicators

Cotton-tipped sterile applicators with 6 in. plastic shafts

DuPont™ Tyvek™ IsoClean™ Nonsterile Sleeves

Comfortable, lightweight and durable

BlueMed COSMIC LIGHT Shoe Covers

BlueMed COSMIC LIGHT shoe covers are low linting, anti-skid, fluid resistant and wear resistant

Puritan™ Standard Cotton Swab, Wood Handle

Cotton Tipped Applicator with Wooden Handle

Puritan™ Calcium Alginate Swabs

Calcium alginate applicators permit superior culture isolation from areas such as the eyes, ears, nasopharynx, urethra and pediatric ENT

Puritan™ Sterile DNA-Free Standard Cotton Swab, Wood Handle

This 6 in. high-quality cotton tipped applicator is tested to the most stringent standards and is certified tro be DNA-free, Dnase-free and RNase-free.

Medicom™ SafeBasics™ Isolation Gown

Non-surgical Isolation Gown with belt, intended to protect health care patients and personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids (fluid repellent) and particulate material.

Medicom™ SafeBasics™ Procedure Earloop Mask

The perfect combination of price and protection

Decon™ CiDehol™ ST Sterile 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Solution made with WFI

Sterile, ready-to-use 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution designed especially for cleanroom use. Decon Labs, CiDehol™ ST Sterile 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Solution made with WFI is prepared according to USP specifications and packaged in Class 100 cleanroom.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech™ G3 Sterile White Nitrile Hand Specific Gloves

Kimtech™ G3 Sterile White Nitrile gloves provide enhanced sterile cleanroom protection for a wide range of contaminants. With a textured finish and skin-friendly nitrile composition, the hand-specific sterile gloves protect users and processes alike.

BlueMed BONZO Shoe Covers

BlueMed BONZO shoe covers are made out of Polyethylene film (CPE) and designed for anti-skid and liquid protection

DuPont™ Tyvek™ IsoClean™ Boot Covers

Excellent inherent barrier to dry particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous liquids

Tians epic™ SafeTrack-HD™ High Traction Boot Covers

Suitable for cleanroom, critical and industrial environments

AlphaProTech Critical Cover™ BarrierTech™ Gowns

Provides protection for the wearer from particles, fluids and light chemical splash

Medicom™ Safe-Seal™ Quattro Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization Pouches with TruePress™ Technology confirm sterilization variables in 1 easy step

Vileda Professional™ UltraSpeed Pro Single Bucket System Ready To Go Kit

Developed to be simple to use, flexible enough to clean difficult areas and offer maximum cleaning performance while significantly reducing mopping times. Vileda Professional UltraSpeed Pro Single Bucket System Ready To Go Kit is a comprehensive floor cleaning system that sets new standards in usability, versatility, efficiency and ergonomics.

DuPont™ Tyvek™ IsoClean™ Sterile Sleeves

Excellent barrier to dry particles, microorganisms and nonhazardous liquids