Balance and Balance Printer Interface and Cables

Sartorius™ Data Cables for Secura™, Quintix™, Practum™ Analytical and Precision Weighing Balances

For Secura, Quintix, Practum Analytical and Precision Weighing Balances

Sartorius™ Balance Data Transfer Cables

RS-232 cables in a variety of lengths.

Ohaus™ USB Cable for Explorer Balances

Allows Explorer balances to be connected to peripherals, including monitors and computers.

Mettler Toledo™ V20 Karl Fischer™ Titrator Interface Cables

Interface cables for use with V20 Karl Fischer Titrator.

Ohaus™ Ethernet Interface Kit for Navigator Series Balances

For use with Navigator Series portable balances.

Ohaus™ RS232 Cable for Ranger™ Counting Scales

To connect Ranger count scale to another Ranger count scale for two scale counting.

Ohaus™ RS232 Cable and Adapter for 8025042 Printers

Connects the AP, Voyager, Voyager Pro, Explorer, Explorer Pro, and Adventurer balances to Compact Dot Matrix Impact Printers (8025042).

Ohaus™ Cable and Adapter Kit

For use with Adventurer™ Pro, Pioneer™, Discovery and Moisture Balances.

OHAUS™ Bench Scales Computer Data Transfer Cables

Connects Link Champ General-Purpose Bench Scales to IBM-PC computers via standard RS-232-C.

OHAUS™ Interface Kit for Navigator, Scout Pro, and TA Series Balances

Connects Navigator Series balances to peripherals, including printers and monitors.

Sartorius™ 9-Pin RS-232-C Interface Cables

To connect PP series balances to computer.

Ohaus™ RS232 Cable for SF42 Printers

Connects Ohaus Adventure Pro, Discovery, MB Series, Ranger Series Balances to the Ohaus SF42 printer.

Mettler Toledo™ RS-232-C Data Interface Cables

For use with UMX/MX/AX, XP, XS, PG-S, AB-S, PB-S, SB, AL, PL, PL-S balances.

Ohaus™ Cable Kit for Dot Matrix Impact Printer

For use with Trooper™ Industrial Bench Scales.

Ohaus™ Printer Cable Kit

To connect Thermal printer STP103 with UK and EU plug to Trooper, Trooper Count, Champ series, CD indicator series.

Ohaus™ Adapter for Dot Matrix Impact Printer

For Scout Pro and Navigator Series balances.

Ohaus™ Cable Kit for Compact Thermal Printer

For use with Explorer, Voyager, MB200, Adventurer, AP, Voyager pro and explorer pro balances.