Balance Accessories

Heavy-Duty Batteries

For low-drain devices or devices that are used infrequently.

OHAUS™ Vinyl Dust Covers for Triple Beam Balances

For use with triple beam balances.

OHAUS™ RS232 and USB Interface Kits

For use with Ohaus Explorer and Navigator XL balances.

OHAUS™ 1050mL Bowl For CS Series Compact Scales

For use with CS Series Compact Scales.

Specific Gravity Rod and Clamp Assembly

For use with Triple Beam Mechanical balances.

Alkaline Button Cell Batteries

Batteries offer long shelf life.

Alkaline Batteries

For peak performance in high-tech electronic devices and high-use devices

Science First™ Battery Kit

Build a variable DC power supply.

Security Device for Pioneer and Explorer Series Balances

For use with Pioneer and Explorer series balances.

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Batteries

Replacement parts for Traceable Digital Timer Plus and Traceable Digital Dial Thermometer, °F/°C

Mettler Toledo™ SmartCal™ Moisture Balance Reference Substances

Verify the performance of your moisture analyzer in just 10 minutes. Mettler Toledo SmartCal Moisture Balance Reference Substances can be run like any other sample to fulfill demands of industry regulation and company audits at the same time.

Sartorius™ Balance Weighing Hooks

Expand the uses of your balance with the below-balance weighing hook.

Mettler Toledo™ Accessories for Excellence Plus XP Microbalances

For use with Excellence Plus Analytical and Micro Balances.