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Thermo Scientific™ QuantaBlu™ NS/K Fluorogenic Substrate Kit

Conduct stopped, non-stopped and kinetic assays using this soluble fluorogenic (chemifluorescent) peroxidase substrate for ELISA.

Supplier:  Thermo Scientific™ 0015162

Catalog No. PI15162



Thermo Scientific™ QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate is a soluble fluorogenic (chemifluorescent) substrate for detection of peroxidase activity in ELISA methods.

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In the presence of active peroxidase the working solution of QuantaBlu Substrate produces a blue fluorescent product that can be quantitated by fluorometry in microplates or cuvettes. Fluorometric-based detection has a large dynamic range, which overcomes the limitations of using spectrophotometry to measure colorimetric substrates. The blue fluorescent product is not sensitive to light and does not photobleach. QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate is stable, highly sensitive, produces high signal-to-noise ratios and allows for a broad dynamic detection range of peroxidase activity. This substrate is also flexible and can be used for stopped, nonstopped and kinetic assays. Incubation for stopped and nonstopped assays can be performed between 5 and 90 minutes at either room temperature (RT) or 37°C. The QuantaBlu NS/K Substrate formulation can be integrated into robotic-based assays and is designed for assays that do not need to be stopped.


  • More sensitive than TMB, OPD or ABTS substrates
  • Flexible stopped, nonstopped or kinetic assays possible
  • Large dynamic range (4 log peroxidase concentration range)
  • Excellent stability; working solution is stable for 24 hours
  • Large stokes shift; excitation/emission maxima of 325nm/420nm (range of 315-345/370-460)
  • Does not photobleach


QuantaBlu NS/K Substrate (for non-stopped and kinetic assay)
Chemical Substrate
Sufficient For: 275 mL of 1X working solution (2750 wells at 100 µL per well)
• QuantaBlu Substrate Solution, 250 mL
• QuantaBlu Peroxide Solution, 30 mL

Store at 4°C.
Fluorogenic Substrate Kit
HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)


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