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Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ WCX-10 LC Columns

Separate proteins and their variants using these weak cation-exchange columns with exceptionally high resolution.

$704.20 - $5,812.18


Column Type Ion Exchange
pH 2 to 12
Temperature 60°C
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Diameter (Metric) Length (Metric) Particle Size Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Diameter (Metric) Length (Metric) Particle Size Price Quantity  
DX054993 Thermo Scientific™
4mm 250mm 10μm Each for $1,774.32
DX063472 Thermo Scientific™
2mm 250mm 10μm Each for $1,958.85
DX063474 Thermo Scientific™
9mm 250mm 10μm Each for $4,952.11
DXSP5482 Thermo Scientific™
22mm 250mm 10μm N/A N/A  
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DXSP5512 Thermo Scientific™
4mm 250mm 10μm Pack of 3 Each for $5,812.18
DXSP5513 Thermo Scientific™
4mm 250mm 10μm Pack of 3 Each for $5,812.18
DXSP5829 Thermo Scientific™
4mm 100mm 10μm Each for $2,030.00
DXSP6703 Thermo Scientific™
4mm 150mm 10μm Each for $2,382.55
DX054994 Thermo Scientific™
4mm 50mm 10μm Each for $704.20
DX063480 Thermo Scientific™
2mm 50mm 10μm Each for $704.20
DX074600 Thermo Scientific™
4mm 50mm 10μm Each for $1,568.52


Use Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ WCX-10 LC Columns to provide exceptionally high resolution for separations of proteins and their variants. Based on stationary phases composed of 10µm nonporous polymeric beads, ProPac columns resolve isoforms that differ by a single charged residue. A thin, hydrophilic layer grafted to the particle core eliminates unwanted secondary interactions. The cation-exchange surface provides pH-based selectivity control and fast mass transfer for high-efficiency separation and moderate capacity.

Multiple Formats for Greater Flexibility
  • ProPac WCX-10 column is a weak cation-exchanger with a carboxylate functional group
  • Column sizes range from 2mm I.D., for analytical work, up to 22mm I.D. for semi-prep work
Superior Performance for Protein Analysis
  • Ideal for characterization and quality control assessment of MAbs and other proteins
  • Well-suited for characterization of related protein variants including deamidation and MAb lysine truncation variants
  • Unequaled high-resolution separations
  • Unmatched column-to-column and lot-to-lot reproducibility eliminates column variability as a concern in stability and QA/QC testing
Description & Specifications


Ion Exchange
2 to 12