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Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ plus Electronic Pipettes

With intuitive operating system and design for simplicity, precision and reproducibility

$1,372.14 - $2,865.17


Battery Type Lithium-ion
Finger Style Ergonomic
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Increments Color Number of Channels Volume (Metric) Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Increments Color Number of Channels Volume (Metric) Price Quantity  
14-286-551 Eppendorf™
0.01μL Gray 1 0.5 to 10μL Each for $1,376.07
14-286-552 Eppendorf™
0.1μL Yellow 1 5 to 100μL Each for $1,372.14
14-286-554 Accessories Eppendorf™
1μL Blue 1 50 to 1000μL Each for $1,372.14
14-286-555 Eppendorf™
5μL Violet 1 0.25 to 5mL Each for $1,376.07
14-286-553 Eppendorf™
0.2μL Orange 1 15 to 300μL Each for $1,372.14
14-286-556 Eppendorf™
10μL Turquoise 1 0.5 to 10mL Each for $1,376.07
14-286-557 Eppendorf™
0.01μL Gray 8 0.5 to 10μL Each for $2,240.54
14-286-558 Eppendorf™
0.1μL Yellow 8 5 to 100μL Each for $2,240.54
14-286-559 Eppendorf™
0.2μL Orange 8 15 to 300μL Each for $2,240.54
14-286-560 Eppendorf™
1μL Green 8 50 to 1200μL Each for $2,244.88
14-286-561 Eppendorf™
0.01μL Gray 12 0.5 to 10μL Each for $2,859.78
14-286-562 Eppendorf™
10 to 100μL Yellow 12 5 to 100μL Each for $2,865.17
14-286-563 Eppendorf™
0.2μL Orange 12 15 to 300μL Each for $2,768.25


Facilitates performance of additional, intelligent applications including: aspirating, diluting, sequential dispensing and reverse pipetting. Also, helps eliminate delays due to complicated programming and/or inflexible processes. Provides precisely adjustable parameters, maximum reproducible results, fatigue-free work and consistent, full control over the pipetting processes.

  • Multifunctional rocker: “Up is up and down is down™” principle
  • Easy selection of all functions with the practical selection dial
  • Operate in the language of your choice
  • Clearly arranged color display; no sub-menus; help function
  • Innovative rocker: When the tip is ejected, the piston automatically returns to zero position
  • ON/OFF switch: Switches the pipetter off during longer periods of inactivity
  • Additional applications include aspirating, diluting, sequential dispensing and reverse pipetting
  • Programming: One-time programming of sequences for easier handling of complex processes
  • Individual fixed volume setting: Desired volume can be saved
  • Password protection: Protects programming and adjustment
  • Individual speed setting: Sets parameters to your individual working speed
  • Pipetter maintenance reminder function, based on time or frequency of use as desired
Reliably reproducible results
  • Tips always rest in the same position
  • Volume and speed precisely and reproducibly adjustable
  • Adjustable to your work environment and requirements
PhysioCare Concept™
  • Reduced weight
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Perfect balance
  • Optimally angled pipetter head
  • Improved view and high resolution display
  • Spring-loaded tip cone provides maximum tightness
  • Pipetting liquids (manual and automatic)
  • Dispensing (timed and manual)
  • Pipetting and mixing
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