HealthPRO Membership Benefits

HealthPRO Membership Benefits

With our proven record of customer service and support, the Fisher Scientific channel is your trusted source for laboratory medicine.

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Featured Products

Featured Products

Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw

Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw

The Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw is developed specifically for autopsy use and is hermetically sealed and CE certified. It’s totally submersible for complete cleaning and offers a cool touch, reduced vibration, and safe installation.

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Thermo Scientific Histoplast Paraffin Wax

Fisherbrand Histoplast Paraffin Wax

Fisherbrand™ Histoplast Paraffin Wax is made from high-purity raw materials and provides consistent tissue ribbons every time. Choose Histoplast PE for general use, Histoplast IM for use on large and dense specimens, and Histoplast LP (formulated for a lower melting point) for improved ribboning with less compression.

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Scientific MICROMESH Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes

MICROMESH Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes

Simport™ Scientific MICROMESH™ Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes feature a large, 27 mm square compartment, suitable even for needle biopsies. They maximize fluid exchange and drainage and can be opened and closed as often as necessary without danger of specimen loss.

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The HealthPRO and Fisher Scientific Partnership

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We’re your trusted source for:

  • Lab consumables, supplies, chemicals, and safety products
  • Cassettes and embedding
  • Microscope slides

Together, HealthPRO and the Fisher Scientific channel bring you:

  • An industry-leading portfolio with more than 1.7 million items, including 80,000 exclusive products and more than 9,400 Fisherbrand™ alternatives
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Attractive participation incentives

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