Controlled Environments Buckets

Contec™ Trolley and Double Bucket Systems

Features a stainless steel rolling cart with removable handle for easier autoclaving and more convenient storage. Contec™ Trolley and Double Bucket System offers multiple wringer choices to accommodate all Contec™ mop systems.

Micronova™ Bucket Liners

Acts as barrier between strong disinfectant solutions and plastic buckets

Contec™ Bucket Wringers and Frames

Use with Contec™ bucket systems and mops. Contec™ Bucket Wringers and Frames are available in three styles to match the selected Contec™ mop system.

Micronova™ C-9 Stainless Steel Bucket Carts

Maneuverable, yet stable cleanroom system with seamless bucket design

Micronova™ Wringer bar down-press cart add-on for C-22S, 33S

The Downpress Wringer Bar allows use of a standard downward press wringer with carts configured with rectangular buckets.

Contec™ Universal Replacement Buckets

Manufactured from a unique polypropylene copolymer plastic that is both durable and lightweight. Contec™ Universal Replacement Buckets are color-coded for easy identification of waste vs. fresh solution.

Contec™ Drip Caps for Multibucket Systems

Fits Contec™ Bucket Systems. The Contec™ Stainless Steel Drip Cap is easy to install and prevents drips between buckets.

Micronova™ Stainless Steel Bucket Carts

Multiple features deliver ease of use and flexibility to meet your cleanroom needs

Micronova™ SlimLine™ Polypropylene Buckets

For use with SlimLine™ Cleanroom Cart System

Micronova™ Polyethylene Cleanroom Buckets

For use with SlimLine™ Cleanroom Cart System

Micronova™ SlimLine™ Cleanroom Autoclavable Casters

For use with SlimLine Cleanroom Cart System