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Sensory Organs and Nervous System Detail Set

Take a unique look at the senses.

$117.45 - $124.20


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Fisher Science Education
11 slides Nervous System Detail Set
Each for $124.20
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Fisher Science Education
10 slides Sensory Organs Detail Set
Each for $117.45


With these slide sets, your students can study the senses like never before. The Sensory Organs Detail Set contains 10 slides and the Nervous System Detail Set contains 11 slides.

Sensory Organs Set

  • Tongue, rabbit, c.s. with taste buds
  • Touch corpuscles in human skin, c.s.
  • Olfactory epithelium, dog, c.s.
  • External and internal ear, l.s., with eardrum and cochlea
  • Eye, retina, human, c.s.
  • Eye, optic nerve, human, c.s.
  • Eye, c.s., through cornea, iris, and ciliary body
  • Eye, cornea, cow, c.s.
  • Eyelid, cat, c.s., showing meibomian gland
  • Eye, entrance of optic nerve in retina, c.s.
Nervous System Set
  • Cerebrum, human cortex, c.s.
  • Cerebellum, human, c.s. Weigert stained
  • Spinal cord, human, c.s.
  • Nerve, human, l.s.
  • Nerve, human, c.s.
  • Spinal cord, cat, c.s. Klazver-Barrera stained
  • Spinal cord, cow, c.s. Nissl stained
  • Cerebrum, cat, c.s. Golgi stained
  • Brain, rat, median l.s.
  • Vertebra with spinal cord, rat, c.s.
  • Cerebellum, human, c.s.



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