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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ RNA 3' End Biotinylation Kit

Biotinylate 3-prime terminal ends of RNA probes for non-radioactive EMSA and other nucleic acid detection methods.

Supplier:  Thermo Scientific™ PI20160

Catalog No. 20-160-MI



Thermo Scientific™ Pierce RNA 3' End Biotinylation Kit is optimized for labeling the 3-prime terminal end of RNA probes to facilitate their use as probes or targets in EMSA and other methods for studying protein-RNA interactions.

The complete kit contains an unlabeled RNA strand to use as a positive control, a biotinylated-RNA probe standard, RNase inhibitor, glycogen and ligation-enhancing reagents. The RNA 3' End Biotinylation Kit uses T4 RNA ligase to conjugate a single nucleotide analog to the 3' terminus of an RNA strand. The unique biotinylated cytidine (bis)phosphate used in this kit enables T4 RNA ligase to attach a single biotin tag on RNA probes of diverse secondary structure and lengths with greater than 70% efficiency.


  • Non-radioactive – incorporates a biotin label which allows detection sensitivity similar to radioactivity when used with chemiluminescent detection systems

  • Fast – RNA can be labeled in 0.5-2 hours with minimal downstream processing

  • Easy to use – RNA ligase and optimized reaction buffer are included

  • Economical – only a fraction of the cost of purchasing synthetic biotinylated RNA probes

  • End-labeled – results in minimal disturbance of RNA secondary structure

  • Flexible – label synthetic or in vitro transcribed RNA probes ranging from 22 to 450 nucleotides



Sufficient For: 20 labeling reactions (each with 50 pmol RNA)
• T4 RNA Ligase Reaction Buffer (10X), 100 μL
• T4 RNA Ligase (20,000 U/mL), 40 μL
• Non-labeled RNA Control (10 μM), 100 μL
• Biotinylated IRE RNA Control (125 nM), 35 μL
• RNase Inhibitor (40 U/μL), 2 × 10 μL
• Nuclease-free Water, 1.5 mL
• DMSO, 200 μL
• 30% PEG, 300 μL
• Biotinylated Cytidine (Bis)phosphate (1mM), 40 μL
• Glycogen (20 mg/mL), 20 μL

Store all components at -20°C
RNA Labeling Kit
20 Reactions




For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.