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Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Coded Cryobank Vial Systems

Take cryostorage to the next level. This vial system features 2D barcode tubes in standard microplate format racks for benchtop use or automated applications.

$1,819.29 - $3,183.90


Vial Type CryoBank
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Capacity Closure Color Sterile Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Capacity Closure Color Sterile Price Quantity  
12-570-221 Thermo Scientific™
0.5mL Blue Yes Case for $2,104.69
12-570-222 Thermo Scientific™
0.5mL Red Yes Case for $2,104.69
12-570-223 Thermo Scientific™
0.5mL Green Yes Case for $2,104.69
12-570-208 Thermo Scientific™
0.5mL Clear Yes Case of 960 Each for $1,819.29
12-570-212 Thermo Scientific™
1mL Clear Yes Case of 960 Each for $2,044.44
12-565-198 Thermo Scientific™
1mL Green Yes Case of 960 Each for $3,183.90
12-565-199 Thermo Scientific™
1mL Red Yes Case of 960 Each for $2,193.36
12-565-200 Thermo Scientific™
1mL Blue Yes Case of 960 Each for $2,193.36
12-570-225 Thermo Scientific™
2mL Clear Yes Case of 960 Each for $3,100.13
12-570-226 Thermo Scientific™
5mL Clear Yes Case of 528 Each for $2,322.71
12-565-280 Thermo Scientific™
5mL Clear Yes Case of 480 Each for $2,336.52


Take traditional cryostorage to the next level while accommodating denser storage capability compared to standard cryoboxes. Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Coded Cryobank Vial Systems feature laser etched 2D barcodes and standard microplate format racks. Compatible with the complete line of 2D barcode readers, capping/decapping equipment and labeling options, Cryobank tubes can be used in manual or automated storage of biological samples down to vapor phase liquid nitrogen. Cryobank products meet leading certification requirements and are available in a volume range of 0.5 to 5.0mL.

Secure Tracking

  • Permanently attached, laser etched 2D barcode on the bottom of the tube allows you to scan and decode the entire rack at once without removing them from the rack, and allows data to be associated with each tube
  • Solid one piece construction eliminates the risk of labels falling off during cryogenic storage, preserving the identity of valuable sample material
  • Range of 2D reading products to decode individual tubes or complete microplate footprint racks. Readers allow flexible output to store data in multiple database formats

Superior Storage Format

  • Cryobank tubes are available in space conscious microplate format racks or can be stored in traditional cryoboxes, accommodating your preferred storage format
  • Microplate format is compatible with your existing multichannel manual pipettes and automated liquid handling equipment
  • Unique anti-rotation feature allows compatibility with automated decapping/ capping equipment in single, 8-channel, or full rack options to accommodate multiple throughput requirements
  • TPE gasketed polypropylene cap provides superior seal during high or low temperature storage
  • Low binding surface allows maximum recovery of low concentration samples

Certified to meet your storage needs

  • CE certified and conforms to IATA requirements for diagnostic use and transportation
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse free (0.5/1.0mL), non-pyrongenic (LAL-test), non-toxic (USP class VI test)
  • Sterility assurance level 10-6 for the most sensitive sample storage

Stringent Quality Control

  • 2D barcodes are scanned for readability and checked against a full database of previous barcodes to ensure no duplicates across the Cryobank storage tube product line
  • Leak testing validation performed during the manufacturing process to ensure sample integrity is maintained
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