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Applied Biosystems™ MagMAX™ Viral/Pathogen II (MVP II) Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit DFS Item

Designed to recover RNA and DNA from virus and gram-negative bacteria in samples such as blood, swabs, urine, and viral transport media (VTM). The kit utilizes MagMAX magnetic-bead technology, ensuring reproducible recovery of high-quality nucleic acid compatible with a broad range of applications, including real-time PCR, digital PCR, and next-generation sequencing.

Manufacturer:  Applied Biosystems™ A48383R

Catalog No. A48383R



  • Automation-ready protocols designed for the KingFisher Flex and KingFisher Duo Prime systems
  • Fast procedure allows for 96 samples to be processed in <30 minutes
  • Flexible protocol accommodates sample volume inputs from 200 μL to 2 mL of biofluids or transfer media
  • No need for carrier RNA
  • Elution volumes ranging from 50 to 100 μL
  • The optimized reagents included allow you to maximize the amount of sample input
  • Up to 400 μL of sample can be processed per well in a KingFisher 96-deep well plate.
  • Protocols are available to process up to 2 mL of sample per well in a KingFisher 24-deep well plate


• 550 mL Binding Solution, store at room temperature
• 1000 mL Wash Solution, store at room temperature
• 100 mL Elution Solution, store at room temperature
• 10 mL Proteinase K, store at room temperature
• 20 mL DNA/RNA Binding Beads, store at room temperature

30 min.
96 Deep-Well Plate, 24 Deep-Well Plate
1000 Preps
Room Temperature


Product Certifications


For Research Use or Further Manufacturing. Not for diagnostic use.