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Invitrogen™ Dynabeads™ SILANE Genomic DNA Kit DFS Item

For highly predictable and consistent extraction and isolation of genomic DNA from human whole blood, following a simple separation protocol

Manufacturer:  Invitrogen™ LS37012D

Catalog No. 37012D

Includes: Dynabeads MyOne; SILANE (5mL, 40mg/mL, see Cat. no. 370-02D for further characteristics), binding/washing/elution buffers and a protocol optimized for isolation of genomic DNA. The kit content is sufficient for 96 isolations.



Isolates linear DNA yields relative to the number of white blood cells (WBC) present in the sample. The 1μm Dynabeads have an optimized silica-like surface chemistry and a high specific surface area, providing efficient kinetics and a high capacity.Their uniform size and surface area ensure highly reproducible results and an improved performance compared to magnetic particles from alternative suppliers. Other particles often have a random size range distribution, surface area and binding capacity. This could compromise the reproducibility of your results. Dynabeads hold reputable Dynal high standards with respect to within- and between-lot reproducibility and automation ability.

  • Highly predictable binding per mg of beads
  • Linear range of DNA yield relative to WBC-count
  • High integrity and purity of isolated DNA
  • Isolates 10μg DNA from a 350μL blood sample using 2mg (50μL) Dynabeads
  • Quicker than spin-columns
  • More cost-effective, yet performs to the same level as spin-columns
  • Automation-friendly (slow sedimentation rate + high magnetic mobility)
  • Isolation of genomic DNA
  • From cells and fresh/frozen blood samples
  • From blood with a wide range of anticoagulants
  • Well suited for automated assays
  • Separate kit available for the isolation of viral DNA/RNA
  • High throughput compatible
  • Purification Target: Genomic DNA

Validation and customization (bead, buffer, protocol or format) available on a custom OEM basis.

Bead-Based IVD Assay Development, Bead-Based Nucleic Acid IVD, Clinical, DNA and RNA Purification and Analysis, DNA Extraction, Diagnostic Development, Genomic DNA Purification, Molecular Diagnostic Test Development, gDNA from Blood (Medium-Scale, 100 μl-1mL), gDNA from Blood (Small-Scale, < 100 μl)

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Shipping Condition: Room Temperature



High-throughput Compatible
< 100 µl Blood Samples (Small-Scale)
Genomic DNA
Cloning,PCR,Sequencing,Southern Blot
Magnetic Bead
DYNAL™, Dynabeads™
Room Temperature
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.